5 reasons owners love BuildingLink

Keeping owners happy can be a tough gig, but not with BuildingLink


1. Communication made easy
Like with every industry, good communication is the key to success. From text messages & phone broadcasts to bulk emails and automatic notifications, BuildingLink allows for seamless communication to the right people at the right time.


2. A repository of information
Nothing is ever completely deleted from BuildingLink. From the day your building is set up, you can track, record and monitor the information you need. A repository of building information can be stored in the document library, track FOBs and remotes easily, by-law breach notifications can be sent to individuals & recorded against their profile, and overcrowding & noise complaints can be recorded in the incident log.


3. What maintenance?
An inevitable part of running a building is maintenance. Record all stages of a maintenance item, upload photos on the go through GEO (the manager’s app), set up automatic reminders for your preventative maintenance schedule, record maintenance against your asset register, send work orders and host a directory of your contractors in BuildingLink. Residents who submit a maintenance item will be kept up-to-date on the status of their request via automatic notifications.


4. We’re about community
BuildingLink gives residents their own private portal where they can view important documents applicable to them, check the status of their maintenance request, book facilities such as the lift or tennis court, submit postings on the bulletin board (after approval from management), view upcoming community events, answer survey questions, order keys & fobs, make payments and track their package deliveries. The system is completely customisable so for the modules that don’t apply to your building, we can switch these off.


5. Cut hours off EC meetings!
You can reduce hours off committee meetings with our committee only forum! Share information with committee members prior to meetings, send notifications when uploading quotes and documents, send and record survey results and interact with committee members via the committee-only forum.


We are always updating our system to ensure residents are connected and satisfied beyond their expectations. Chat to our team to find out how to streamline your building’s operations and create a happier community today!