5 simple ways to attract and retain purchasers in a softening market

Strategies you can implement now to ensure continued business growth in 2019 and beyond.

1. Smarten up! (Your units)

Powered by The Internet of Things (IoT), home automation and monitoring is very much a key differentiator for homes and properties. Connecting your computer, mobile, clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, blinds, appliances and even cooking utensils. Yes, pretty much every household item will soon have the option (if not already) for internet connectivity – with the capacity to communicate, send information and take commands. A simple start is with an Amazon Alexa.

Continuing to research, innovate and introduce new technology into each of your properties – that save time and enhance liveability – could give you the point of difference you need in this market.

2. Communicate!

Every moment of contact the purchaser experiences with your brand, is a reflection on your company. From the sales experience, through to the construction phase, pre-settlements, moving in & defects management.

Communication is a valuable way to save time & money, while strengthening your relationship with your purchasers. A good communication software is mandatory, but how you use it is even more important. It’s about leveraging your resources and working smarter, not harder.

3. Streamline & Connect Your Entire Portfolio

You work tirelessly to create a vision and unique brand for each development project, while upholding company values throughout the process. By connecting & streamlining your portfolio digitally, it’s a golden cross-promotion opportunity, ready for you to leverage to attract new purchasers to your new projects.

The Link by BLI is what enables you to do this. Create a company branded app, display your portfolio on a designated landing page and provide a public website to hand to your residents upon completion. Make sure the branding for your building is reflected across the login page, resident site and email header templates.

4. Add a Virtual Concierge

With the cost of living increasing and wages staying steady, affordability is always the first hurdle to jump. Reducing costs without removing offerings allows you to have a competitive angle over nearby buildings.

Adding unprecedented convenience for residents and building managers, BuildingLink’s Virtual Concierge automates many of the arduous admin tasks, giving back more time to the building community for interacting and connecting. Making life easier for potential residents by automating processes, can bring your property to the forefront of the purchaser’s decision-making process.

5. Cater For Your Whole Building

In an era of social media prominence, it’s never been more important to create real connection amongst communities. So, what if you could offer a central directory to your building’s residents, giving them VIP access to local retailers and restaurants, as well as special offers, promotions and a host of compelling reasons to shop in the neighbourhood?

With BuildingLink’s Marketplace app, residents will soon be able to organise community events within their building, catered with local produce. New residents moving into your building might receive a welcoming grocery hamper from the deli around the corner, and their preferred utilities will be automatically connected, all at the touch of a button.

Streamlined, stress-free and lifestyle enhancing, this will all soon be available through BuildingLink, giving you a distinct sales advantage.

Implementing these can make a real difference to your sales strategy, creating new efficiencies, while simultaneously attracting new and repeat purchasers to your projects.  

With many more solutions available, BuildingLink International are here to help your business continue to grow – even through challenging times. To learn more about our software and how it can differentiate your business, please get in touch with with us today, by emailing