How to improve building maintenance quality while lowering costs

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Building maintenance is a task that often falls to the building manager or sometimes the body corporate. Issues with building maintenance – usually the cost or quality of work – can sometimes be points of contention in shared buildings. Finding ways in which the quality of building maintenance can be improved and costs reduced is […]

How Software can Solve some of the Challenges faced by Retirement Community Managers

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While retirement communities vary in size, atmosphere and amenities, many of the challenges faced by retirement community managers are the same. Engaging residents in physical activities, building a sense of belonging in the community and retaining talented caregivers are the three of the top issues faced today. Technology can be used to mitigate and even […]

How Secure is BuildingLink and Why are Cloud Servers Needed?

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Internet access to software applications provide increased agility for businesses, staff and other users. They can also increase the risk of data breaches if they’re not managed right. This balancing act between convenience and security makes many people wary of systems that are accessed online. And for good reason too. What’s the point of access […]

The Future of BuildingLink International with COO Nikki Marshall

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BuildingLink International is run by a small, dedicated team of advocates for building management in Australia and the Asia-pacific region. Not content to see this region simply follow the rest of the world, they’re leading the way with building management software that makes the lives of residents, managers, and developers easier. They’re giving transparency to […]

Easy to use Building Management Software for Creating Strong Communities

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There are many moving parts when it comes to building and community management. The more empowered community members are, the easier the role of the building manager can be and the more engaged each resident becomes. When choosing a building management system, it’s important to choose something that will work for everyone – not just […]

Behind the scenes of BuildingLink International with CEO Niall Marshall

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At the turn of the century, when everyone else was worried about the Y2K bug, a family passionate about property in America were busy building BuildingLink. They combined their industry know-how with technological innovation to create one of the best proptech solutions available for property managers and residents today. A decade later, the software arrived […]

Build Stronger Communities with an Accounting and Property Software Integration

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Unlike many other businesses, property managers and building managers have a wide range of financial responsibilities. From accepting rental payments to security deposits and managing supplier invoices, there’s a lot to keep track of. While managing communications and maintenance issues within the strata or building may take up the bulk of building and strata manager’s […]