Aware! by BuildingLink

Aware! By BuildingLink is a special initiative the BuildingLink Labs team is working on, to make residential buildings intelligent.

Aware! By BuildingLink’s Sensor Solutions Kits collect useful information from anywhere in the building. At present, the BuildingLink team are currently testing a kit in the fitness centre of one of New York’s high-end residential buildings. The fitness centre sensor kit allows residents to see the availability of exercise equipment, down to a specific treadmill or bike machine, via a convenient dashboard accessible from their computer or mobile device.

The Sensor Solutions Kit collects and stores a history of data that management can use to make important operational decisions. By reviewing usage, management can replace underused equipment with more popular choices. They can also monitor elements such as temperature and humidity and make adjustments to maintain a comfortable environment.

The Aware! By BuildingLink solution goes beyond the gym too, we’re currently working on bringing greater awareness and transparency to lift patterns, utilisation of common spaces and amenities and noise complaint disputes.