Better Building Maintenance Management is Possible with BuildingLink

If people are a building manager’s biggest responsibility, building maintenance is certainly a close second. The challenge of balancing costs with extending the lifespan of assets while ensuring safety and records are impeccable is not for the faint of heart. The ability to plan ahead and respond to the unexpected must be supported with great tools.

BuildingLink’s maintenance modules deliver the highest standard of support building managers and their communities could ask for. Automatic record-keeping, tracking functionality and scheduling tools help building managers stay on top of building management with ease.

Managing resident maintenance requests

It can feel like challenges come from all angles when you manage a building and the maintenance requests for the community residing within it. BuildingLink ensures residents’ maintenance requests are automatically recorded and an alert is sent to the relevant manager for action. Building managers are able to quickly convert resident requests into work orders and send them to preapproved contractors without switching systems or missing a beat.

Work is easily tracked within the same system and alerts can be sent to remind building managers to check recently completed jobs. When recording and registering maintenance requests are automated, building managers’ stress is reduced and their quality of work is boosted.

Clear records for all work starting from the initial request right through to completion ensure nothing is lost – ever. Tasks can be easily tracked and followed up on to keep everyone happy and the building in good condition. Building maintenance decisions can be based on data.

Inspecting, preventing, enhancing building maintenance

It’s not just maintenance requests from residents that keep building managers busy. Regular inspections and planning preventative maintenance ensure the building infrastructure is kept in prime working order. Customisable checklists and scheduling tools ensure all systems are checked, taken care of, and breakdowns are minimised.

Recurring tasks for building equipment and assets can be scheduled in advance. Alerts for upcoming tasks remind building managers and keep maintenance jobs on track. Work orders and relevant instructions for staff and contractors are stored in one place making it easy to pick up actions, even if someone’s away.

Regular inspections can be carried out to the same high standard every time thanks to customisable checklists attached to scheduled reminders. Streamlining preventative maintenance works and regular inspection duties reduces costs while enhancing effectiveness. Clear and indelible records make real-time reporting and analysis a breeze.

Incident records

Accidents happen and when they do, it’s important to keep clear and detailed records of events. In doing so, future accidents can be prevented and underlying causes can be addressed. Efficiently recording incidents makes reporting easier and patterns or recurring accidents easier to spot.

Reliable data is an important element for incident analysis. By ensuring the same categories of information are collected with all incidents, a better understanding of risks and possible solutions can be obtained.

Building maintenance is one of the key responsibilities of building managers. By centralising building maintenance jobs with software, managers are better able to stay on top of expected and unexpected work. BuildingLink’s maintenance modules provide all of the necessary tools to streamline maintenance issues and enhance community living. Find out how we can support your building management with a no-obligation tailored demonstration of our system.