Build Stronger Communities with an Accounting and Property Software Integration

Unlike many other businesses, property managers and building managers have a wide range of financial responsibilities. From accepting rental payments to security deposits and managing supplier invoices, there’s a lot to keep track of. While managing communications and maintenance issues within the strata or building may take up the bulk of building and strata manager’s time, handling the financial side of affairs certainly comes a close second.

Most accounting packages are great for managing the financial side of strata affairs, but when it comes to the day to day running of a building or complex, they’re not so great. Which is fine, because that’s not what they were designed to do. However, switching between management platforms to get regular daily tasks completed is time-consuming and can make it easy to lose track of priorities.

Building Link’s community management system integrates with property accounting software to bring both sides of the building and strata management role into one platform. The result is less wasted time, streamlined processes and faster, more informed decision making.


Integrating with Property IQ

Property accounting package, Property IQ has been designed to reduce admin time. Intuitive accounting interfaces and functionality that covers everything related to property management, this system ensures managers have more time for community management.

Property IQ has been created by leading development teams in the property industry with a focus on meeting strata and building managers needs and supporting customised workflows. Flexible charging, accrual accounting, budgeting and smart payment processing is all enabled with this property accounting package.

Bank and data integrations enable enhanced insights into the financial health of property portfolios. Reports are easily created and tangible business outcomes, along with improved performance, become possible.

By integrating with BuildingLink’s Community Management system, strata accounting becomes even easier. Strata and building managers are able to access both the accounting and the community management software needed for the day-to-day running of their facilities from one easy to use interface.


BuildingLink’s property accounting package Ledger

BuildingLink’s own accountancy module, Ledger, has everything you need for managing the financial responsibilities of strata and shared buildings. With an interface similar to QuickBooks, it’s simple to use and yet comprehensive enough to deliver robust accountancy support to strata and building managers.

Designed for residential complexes, co-ops and rental properties, Ledger lets you drill down to the financial detail of property accounting and create insightful reports for stakeholders. Track lease details, create automatic reports for board members and enjoy effortless account reconciliation with BuildingLink’s very own accountancy module.

Managing accounts for properties needn’t take up so much time. Building and strata managers need time to support their communities and ensure things run smoothly. By integrating accounting software with BuildingLink, managers are empowered, have more time in their day, and can easily perform all tasks in their busy roles.