BuildingLink companion

With the aim to reduce the amount of time staff spend behind the computer, the idea of BuildingLink Companion was brought to life.


For larger buildings and developments, this tool will assist in decreasing time behind the desk, ultimately increasing personal interaction, allowing staff to focus their time on your residents needs. If your building doesn’t have a concierge, limited staff or a part-time manager, BuildingLink Companion acts as that second set of hands, allowing residents and visitors to input their own data meaning that you can still offer the same services, with less resources.


The touchscreen outward facing interface will mean residents can fill out information, pick up packages or request entry without the need of (or with small input from) the manager.


We’re working on ways BuildingLink Companion will be able to automatically recognise residents who are approaching to pick up a package. It will prompt the resident to select and sign for their package, and all staff will need to do is hand it over!


It’ll work wonders for visitors and contractors too. A guest entering the building for the first time will be able to enter their information & have their picture taken, sending information to the building staff who can then issue visitor passes, parking permits or admit the contractor straight away. Once the visitor’s information is saved into BuildingLink, Companion will identify the guest or contractor on their next visit, without requiring any additional input!