BuildingLink International set to expand into the Japanese market

In our quest to create better liveability within our communities worldwide, CEO Niall Marshall recently spent time in Japan, introducing the benefits of the BuildingLink cloud-based community management software to a number of interested property developers and management companies.

With a strong and ongoing presence throughout Asia, this is an exciting new growth opportunity for BuildingLink International. The first of our many planned trips to Japan, we’re looking forward to continuing to build our valued business relationships throughout this region.


Having the BuildingLink software already established in the Ritz-Carlton Residences Tokyo and the Japanese language translation now complete, the interest in modernising the ongoing management of an asset with a focus on delivering a premium customer service experience has seen a strong demand for the system in Tokyo and Osaka. Now even easier with the language translation complete (and that’s not a Google translate either!), we look forward to bringing you more news on the Japanese way of managing properties with technology.

If you’d like to learn more about BuildingLink International services, please get in touch with our team by emailing today.

* P.S – While exploring this beautiful country, Niall immersed himself in the wondrous and tranquil Japanese culture. Highlights from his journey included visiting the recently refurbished Tokyo station featuring an expansive underground shopping hub, along with the famous Seimon Stonebridge in Tokyo, the main bridge to the Imperial Palace which is completely surrounded by a moat.