BuildingLink Software Feature: Ready Responses

How does Ready Responses work?

Designed to give you back more time in your day, our predefined response function gives you a platform to create FAQ property-related content and upload it into your BuildingLink software system.

In a nutshell, you simply input a range of repetitive questions that you get asked on a regular basis, along with the answers or possible solutions. Our software then transforms this FAQ document, giving it an automated response functionality. So, whenever your building receives an alert about anything that is not working properly, with two clicks, residents will receive a response outlining suggested solutions on how to rectify this or an option for the issue to be escalated.

Exceptionally efficient, especially for developers and builders, Ready Responses is an ideal application for handling most issues that arise, particularly in the defect stage.  Rather than rehashing and retyping the same email, addressing a defect and how it can be fixed, Ready Responses has already taken care of this, saving you valuable admin time.

Giving you the option to not only upload your predefined responses, but also prioritise them by category, Ready Responses improves your productivity, while ensuring that building incidents or questions are addressed quickly, and residents are given a comprehensive answer and a range of troubleshooting initiatives.

To learn more about Ready Responses and how you can implement this innovative feature in your project, get in touch with our team by emailing today.