BuildingLink’s Advanced Analytics Tools Make Community Reporting Simple

When everything is at your fingertips, it’s easier to spot opportunities to improve and avoid pitfalls. That’s why facilities analytics and community reports are crucial for building and strata managers. Spotting trends, identifying issues and creating a record of incidents help management teams improve the quality of life within their buildings.

BuildingLink’s core reporting and data analytics functionality ensures all data saved in the system can be pulled to create graphs, charts and other reports. All can easily illustrate how life is being lived in your community. When metrics are displayed in this way, it’s easier to spot and act upon the insights they provide.

Whether it’s recurring incidents, amenities usage, or resident data, BuildingLink’s data analytics features make reporting simple. That’s just one of the reasons why Building Managers love us!

Specific, trackable, accountable

It’s a sad fact of life that things don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes incidents crop up. When they do, key information needs to be captured and acted upon to avoid them recurring. Our incident reporting module makes sure that specific details are recorded in specialized fields when incidents occur.

This information can then be pulled at regular intervals to identify recurring events and their possible causes. In doing so, incidents are reduced and the safety of the community and the environment is improved dramatically.

Facilities use

One of the great things about community living is the shared facilities. Access to function rooms, swimming pools and gyms improves the quality of life and provides a level of luxury that most single-occupancy homes simply can’t match.

Knowing who is using the community facilities and when can help management teams spot opportunities to further enhance community living. Insights as to who is using shared space or even times of high use can help with cleaning schedules, planning maintenance calls and even getting buy-in for updating equipment.

Creating reports on these metrics is simple as all data in BuildingLink can be customized. This makes creating a multitude of different reports, dependent on the purpose or need, a cinch!

Flexible, tailored reports for all of your data

It’s frustrating to have data that can’t be analysed or used to enhance daily life. BuildingLink ensures that all information that is input to the system can be mined for insights and improving life in your community. Building managers can choose how to display different sets of data too.

The way data is presented is almost as important as what it tells management teams. A choice of graphs, charts and MS Excel sheets are available for BuildingLink reports. The reporting feature is simple to use and quickly produces the information required.

Whether you want to know how many pets are housed in the building or the most popular day for using the pool, BuildingLink’s reporting function makes these insights accessible and easy to find. Get in touch to arrange a tailored demonstration of our system to see how we can make your life easier!