BuildingLink’s Monitor and Manage Features Support Happy Communities

Every day might be different when you’re a building manager, but one thing that’s always the same is the need to monitor and manage the building’s facilities, systems and processes. BuildingLink’s core features not only make that possible, they also make it easier.

Monitoring and management of systems, processes and people is at the core of community and building management best practice. Not only does it ensure the environment your community resides within is kept in good nick, it builds a level of community accountability that supports a feeling of ownership and pride. Both of these aspects are essential for happy, healthy communities to thrive.

Making announcements, events and community activities visible

Communities that socialise and spend time together have a greater level of happiness and cohesion. BuildingLink’s calendar management can link to community events. This core feature of BuildingLink’s system allows residents to become passively aware of what’s going on in their building. It encourages their participation without creating pressure. Managers can curate on-screen information and even enable residents to advertise items to swap, sell and share through the resident portal.

Standardise everyday tasks

Some maintenance tasks need regular attention and the cadence of maintenance checks and work can greatly enhance or decay a building’s assets. Planning ahead with BuildingLink’s scheduling functions ensures building walkthroughs, maintenance checks and regularly occurring tasks are never forgotten and always carried out with the same level of diligence.

Inspection checklists and scheduled reminders keep building managers’ days on track and building assets in tip-top condition. Even when staff move on or take a break, scheduled reminders ensure nothing is forgotten and building management and care is maintained at the same level.

Parking management

Managing parking and allocating visitors permits needn’t be a nightmare with BuildingLink’s parking and vehicle management modules. Car registration numbers can be matched to resident’s apartments and visitors’ vehicles directed to available parking spaces. The smooth management of cars and bike storage makes matching spaces to vehicles and locating visitors’ cars a cinch.

By streamlining monitoring and management processes, a higher level of service can be provided. Communities feel more secure, costs for unexpected breakdowns or repairs are minimized and residents get to know each other – and their management teams – better. Get in touch for a tailored demo of BuildingLink to see how we can help you build a happier and healthier community.