How to Streamline Facility Management for Better Results

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There’s more pressure on Facilities Managers than ever these days. Building owners, users and residents expect their spaces to be efficient, sustainable and easy to use. Processes and software that support facility management or, better yet, improve it for the manager and other stakeholders can ensure that everyone is happy and things run efficiently and […]

New to the BuildingLink software suite, say ‘yes’ to the RSVP Booking System

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From creating events through to registering attendees, RSVP is your time-saving online and real-time event management tool. Whether you’re organising an AGM, a Body Corporate meeting or gathering your building community for a social catch-up, RSVP brings it all together for you. Sending your event details automatically out to invitees via our BuildingLink software or […]

Need to reduce contractor risk in your building? Let us introduce you to the Vendor Compliance Module

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Created by your local BuildingLink partners, the initial release of the VCM provides a new level of functionality for our Managers, with more features to follow in the near future. As one of our first key programming initiatives, the VCM has been specifically designed for the APAC region. Now also implemented by our BuildingLink partners […]

MgmtCo Dashboard

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Providing unparalleled insight across all your buildings’ operations, the MgmtCo Dashboard is a platform where you can monitor KPI’s, identify key areas in need of improvement, and implement effective strategies to lift efficiency – all at the touch of a button.  This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to drastically reduce costs for owners, refining […]

Developer Dashboard

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BuildingLink launches another game-changer Offering unparalleled insight across all property operations, the Developer Dashboard is a platform that provides a single data source for all your projects – all at the touch of a button.  This gives you the opportunity to not only drastically reduce costs for owners, but also get a better understanding of […]

ImageR™: A new effortless way to manage deliveries

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Let us introduce you to ImageR™, the latest innovation in our management suite by BuildingLink.   What is ImageR™? An AI powered package log-in solution, ImageR™ combines Image Recognition with Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to make parcel check-in and distribution effortless. Yes, it’s a label reader, barcode scanner, data parser, and resident name […]

ImageR™ insight: the role of machine learning and algorithmic matching

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ImageR™ is providing building staff with a revolutionary and simple method to manage package deliveries. Here, we go backstage to explain the cutting-edge technology used to enable this time-saving parcel log-in solution.   How does machine learning drive ImageR™ technology? Firstly, let’s look at machine learning algorithms. These algorithms dissect data, learn from that data […]