How BuildingLink’s Document Storage Features Improve Security and Convenience for Communities

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Document storage is an integral part of any enterprise. Regardless of the size of a business or community, there is always going to be paperwork generated for and by the people who use and run it. Although most people have turned to electronic storage systems, the kind used will have an enormous impact on the […]

How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living: Part 2

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Vibrant communities are built with great communication, wide participation and shared values and goals. Technology can play a big role in facilitating these elements so apartment buildings and multi-use complexes become places where people want to spend time and live. BuildingLink’s core features support the connections needed to build unique and dynamic communities. Digital infrastructure […]

Why Building Management Software Security Must be Second to None

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Secure systems, whether online or on your personal devices, keep you and your contacts safe. These days, cybercrime is an unfortunate reality of our modern world. When digital properties like email accounts, websites or online portals are vulnerable, it puts everyone with a connection to that virtual property at risk too. That’s why BuildingLink takes […]

How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living

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Building technology has advanced considerably in recent years. No longer is it enough for a building management system to optimise the physical infrastructure and systems, it must also engage residents and improve administrative efficiency. In doing so, strong communities are created in which people want to live. BuildingLink recognises that it’s not a matter of […]

Communication Tools from BuildingLink Keep Your Building Community Informed and Happy

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The mechanism we choose to convey our messages can give them more impact, or have our words being lost in the noise of modern life. Communication plays a crucial role in the happiness and health of a community. When communication flows freely, in both directions, between residents, committee members and building management teams, a greater […]

Why Communication is Important for Managing Properties and Creating Happy Communities

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Clear, concise and compassionate communication is at the heart of all great relationships. Whether it’s personal or professional, the way we keep in touch matters – a lot. In today’s world, the niceties of everyday interactions sometimes get lost in favour of a focus on productivity. It’s a faulty perspective though. Courtesy and kindness cost […]

Easy Tutorials for the BuildingLink App and Management Site

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With everything we need to carry around in our heads these days, it’s hardly surprising that some things get forgotten – especially when we’re not using them each day! Fortunately, we have smartphones to remind us of booked appointments and YouTube to show us how to do pretty much anything. BuildingLink’s YouTube channel is jam-packed […]

How to Improve Strata Management for a Happier Community and Body Corporate

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If you live in a shared apartment building, the chances are, you have a strata manager that keeps life in the building ticking over smoothly. Sometimes known as body corporate management, the role of a strata manager fits snugly beside the role of the body corporate to deliver comprehensive support to the community within the […]