How to Improve Community Management with the Right Tools

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Community management is often thought of in terms of online groups and marketing. However, when it comes to our built environment, conscious community management can increase engagement, bridge the gap between managers and building users, and ultimately, improve the quality of life for all. The right tools for building and strata managers are essential for […]

BuildingLink Emergency Broadcast service proves to be invaluable in recent Sydney storms

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Sending out 13,445 emergency broadcasts throughout 65 buildings across Sydney, managers were able to alert residents via SMS and phone blast about the ferocious storm. Communications ranged from emergency alerts about glass panels shattering and the immediate danger associated, power outages, mechanical failures and notices to bring balcony or outdoor furniture inside the property, right […]

Community connection is getting even better, with the first release launch of Marketplace

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Offering exclusive value, efficiency and convenience, Marketplace connects residents with local business and services, exclusive specials and offers just for BuildingLink managed properties, while providing a central hub to shop. And the first release is available via the BuildingLink app. How does Marketplace work? Marketplace provides BuildingLink International residents with a directory of local retailers, […]

Como Uma Canggu Hotel | Powered by BuildingLink technology

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A coveted island destination, Como Uma Canggu opened in early 2018.  Working with our BuildingLink International team, the resort wanted to add a transcendent convenience for guests and inspire a connected community holiday destination. Known for their impeccable service and architectural excellence, our BuildingLink technology complemented the ethos of Como Uma Canggu perfectly. Adopting BuildingLink […]

Voice AI – Changing the way we live

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In past decades, films such as The Matrix and Blade Runner have featured Voice AI as a futuristic, dystopian concept. Fast forward to today and this technology has advanced to a point where many of us can’t imagine life without it (yes we’re talking to you, Amazon Alexa).   So what is Voice AI and […]

Let’s watch Alexa in action

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Did we mention that along with providing immediate voice responses to your building related questions, Alexa will also dim your lights and play your favourite tunes; only stopping short of decanting your favourite wine and fetching your slippers?   Unless of course, Alexa is sick. Which would never happen. Well, maybe only in this Super […]