Christmas is on our doorstep, but will your gifts be there for the big day too?

What is ImageR™ and how does it work?

ImageR™ is an AI-powered package handling solution, incorporating sophisticated algorithms to match data from a parcel barcode to a building’s database of owners and units. Featuring an inbuilt virtual barcode scanner that logs each package delivery into the system, ImageR™ recognises the tracking number, carrier and shipper. It then sends a text message or email alert to the BuildingLink resident notifying them of their package status.

Reducing the average package handling time from fifty-two seconds to an astonishing eight seconds, ImageR™ has successfully delivered 23,000 packages across 25 buildings in Australia since it commenced operations earlier this year. Creating a system of accountability, ImageR™ ensures parcel check-in and dispersal is both reliable and simple.


How can ImageR™ benefit me?

Taking away the frustration of missing or mishandled packages, ImageR™ provides another layer of tracking and security to each parcel being delivered to your door.  A one-step check-in system, ImageR™ bridges the divide between a busy front desk and a reliable, on time, door-to-door delivery service for residents. Creating unprecedented convenience, ImageR™ gives back more time to both residents and building staff.


How do I access ImageR™?

Available via the GEO by BuildingLink android and iOS app, ImageR™ is a cloud-based program consisting of two interlinked portals; a management site used by staff and contractors, and a resident portal which allows occupants to communicate easily and in real time with management. This is a feature that all BuildingLink subscribed buildings can access and enjoy.


To discover how you can improve your building’s package handling process, get in touch with our team by emailing today.