Community connection is getting even better, with the first release launch of Marketplace

Offering exclusive value, efficiency and convenience, Marketplace connects residents with local business and services, exclusive specials and offers just for BuildingLink managed properties, while providing a central hub to shop. And the first release is available via the BuildingLink app.

How does Marketplace work?

Marketplace provides BuildingLink International residents with a directory of local retailers, giving them the unique opportunity to access special offers, as well as shop and support their local business community.

To access Marketplace, residents will need to first download the BuildingLink app, then log in with their existing BuildingLink Username and Password.

Next, residents simply tap on Marketplace and select the relevant local offers, promotions and updates they’d like to receive.

Then it’s a matter of putting their feet up, pouring a drink, and scrolling through the current retail offers, from in and around their building.

What’s the Marketplace vibe amongst Haven, Newstead residents?

Recently launched in Haven, Newstead in Brisbane, Marketplace is an extremely busy emporium for residents.  Using their Bulletin Board, Haven residents are actively sharing news on local events, shopping within their community, bagging a bargain, and enjoying life to the fullest.

What additional features can we expect from Marketplace in the future?

Continuing to add unprecedented value and convenience for our community is at the core of BuildingLink International’s ethos. With further Marketplace development underway, our goal is to provide a go-to community directory for our residents.

Think about the future opportunities Marketplace could bring to your building.  Via the platform, you could bring everyone together for a wine and cheese night, all catered with local produce.  You could access a unique code to spend at the homewares store in your street. Or imagine moving into your new apartment and amidst the mayhem of unpacking, a delicious meal from the restaurant downstairs is delivered to your door.  Next, a grocery hamper arrives from the deli around the corner. At the same time, all your utilities (electricity, gas, phone, internet) have been connected to your preferred suppliers.  Perfectly streamlined and stress-free, we envisage all this and more to soon be available for the residents in your building.

When will Marketplace be available for your community?

Please get in touch with us at to find out when the Marketplace first release will be available for your building.