Developer Case Study: The role of BuildingLink in Northshore development sales

Using BuildingLink as a substantial value-add to their Northshore marketing, The Pavillion Group chat to us about the key benefits, and how resident feedback solidifies their decision to adopt BuildingLink technology as a unique selling point that results in a superior end-product for owners & residents alike.


“Your building at your fingertips. BuildingLink offers a free iPhone and Android app for all residents. Lodge maintenance requests, check building library documents, leave instructions for your building manager and more, anywhere, anytime, all from your phone.”Northshore E-Brochure


What do residents expect of today’s residential living?
Boris Planinac: Residents have a strong need to be connected and have information at their fingertips. Information needs to be instant and meaningful.


Why does The Pavillion Group use BuildingLink technology as a key selling point?
Boris Planinac: We receive really good feedback from current residents who are using the BuildingLink system, an independent and completely transparent program. Compare this to real estate agent in-house systems, which are usually offered as free, but upon digging deeper have a hidden agenda. They also own all the data, leaving the residents and committee essentially hamstrung and locked into that company. On the other hand, BuildingLink data always remains with the building, and the residents can choose their own Body Corp.


What is the timeline for the Northshore development?
Boris Planinac: We are anticipating July 2018 for our first residents to move in.


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