Developer Dashboard

BuildingLink launches another game-changer

Offering unparalleled insight across all property operations, the Developer Dashboard is a platform that provides a single data source for all your projects – all at the touch of a button.  This gives you the opportunity to not only drastically reduce costs for owners, but also get a better understanding of what purchasers want now, helping you to enhance liveability in your developments and make informed decisions for future projects based on previous projects’ data.

Some of the key metrics you can track in the Developer Dashboard include;

  • resident communication and engagement
  • email and phone messages sent
  • maintenance, defect items and scheduled repairs
  • contractor performance
  • resident data levels
  • staff work activities
  • patterns of login
  • Amenity/facility usage

1. View Resident Communication Stats across your entire portfolio.

With this function, you can view and analyse:

  • Number of email messages sent by Year, State, City and Property
  • Number of resident calendar events posted, and by which properties
  • Number of voice broadcasts, including emergency batches

2. View Maintenance/Defect Requests across your entire portfolio

With this function, you can view and analyse:

  • Number of maintenance and defect requests by year, state, status, property and maintenance category
  • Average time to close maintenance and defect requests
  • Maintenance requests by total properties and total units
  • Number of maintenance and defect requests per 100 units

Offering these time and cost saving benefits, this is just the beginning for the Developer Dashboard. Our team at BuildingLink International are continuously innovating, to ensure you always have access to a ground-breaking, world-class community management software solution.

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