Easy to use Building Management Software for Creating Strong Communities

There are many moving parts when it comes to building and community management. The more empowered community members are, the easier the role of the building manager can be and the more engaged each resident becomes. When choosing a building management system, it’s important to choose something that will work for everyone – not just the Building or Strata Manager.

It’s still important to have functionality that covers the various aspects of a Building or Strata Manager’s role – that means accountancy elements, scheduling software for planned and unplanned maintenance, a residents database and secure support for committee meeting minutes and decisions. Along with this, community members should be supported with tools that enhance their lives within the building.

Of course, residents and owners have a slightly different perspective on what a great building management system should include. Most put communication and maintenance at the top of their list of ‘must haves’ for building and community management systems. Access to their records, the ability to make payments online and a library of relevant information are sure to also be included. And if exclusive deals and discounts for the community are on offer, few would say no!

While all of these things are great to have in a building and community management system, one thing that should go without saying (but doesn’t always) is that it must be simple to use. For residents, owners and managers to enjoy the ease and convenience a building management system can deliver, it needs to be used. If it’s going to be used, it needs to have clear benefits and be fairly easy to comprehend.

Introducing a new building management system to your community

Introducing software is often a fraught process – it becomes more so when it’s unclear why or how the software works. Whether getting used to new systems at work or at home, the adoption period can be stressful. Many people get used to the status quo and are unwilling to change things, even with the promise of life being easier and better. When systems are complex or difficult to understand, the adoption rate is even slower and may never reach 100% usage.

BuildingLink’s building management system has clear benefits for all stakeholders. Residents can access community discounts, owners enjoy the increased transparency of processes and ability to see how the property is performing. Streamlined processes and less time tied to the phone with residents attracts Building and Strata managers. These clear benefits motivates each of the various groups to adopt the new software.

Training and support for BuildingLink’s building management system

BuildingLink works with clients to deliver training and support throughout the implementation of the system and beyond. All of the software modules have been designed to be intuitive and simple to use for all stakeholders. For Building and Strata Managers, owners, developers and residents, things are easy to find and the steps for getting things done are logical and straightforward.

Once the system has been implemented, some functions won’t be used regularly. For example, it’s not every day that someone gets a new pet! BuildingLink’s system allows residents to update details such as this directly into the system as well as book communal areas or lodge maintenance requests. Because it’s easy to forget how to do things that we don’t do regularly, short explanatory clips are available on BuildingLink’s website to remind people how.

BuildingLink’s building management system is intuitive and easy to use. As well as combining all the elements a great building and community management system should include, the software has clear benefits and a range of support to help everyone get the most from the system and their communities.