Empowering Residents with Bespoke Software

One of the most common complaints about building managers is that they are hard to reach and don’t keep tenants updated about their building. Yet building and strata manager’s days are often full to overflowing with checks, maintenance works and preparing reports. They’re some of the busiest people you could meet.

Communication is the foundation for good relationships. Keeping owners and residents updated about rules, works and requests is part and parcel of the building manager’s role. Fortunately, there are ways to keep people informed that don’t involve phone calls or lengthy newsletters. BuildingLink’s resident site enables building managers to reach all owners and residents via SMS or email with a few clicks and empowers tenants to update records, access important information and lodge requests quickly and easily.

Community management software should enhance communication by giving everyone in a building secure access to everything needed while improving direct communication.

Using Community Management Software to do more

With all we’re expected to remember these days, it’s not uncommon to forget how to use systems we don’t log into every day. With this in mind, BuildingLink’s customer service team have put together some tutorial videos for residents. Each clip shows exactly how to complete common essential tasks within the resident’s site.

Whether you’re booking facilities for a special event with friends, making payments or submitting a request for maintenance we’ve got a clip that shows you exactly how. You can learn how to engage with your management team directly too, so all requests and comments are received and recorded. No more unanswered calls or lost details.

Learn where you can access key documents or notify management about your new furry friend. Each clip takes you step by step through the process. All tutorial videos are just a few minutes long and can be viewed from BuildingLink’s website whenever you need them.

Empowered owners and residents & less stressed managers 

When communication is clear, it’s easier to get things done and for people to get along. Communication may be one of the biggest bugbears owners and tenants have about building management, but it doesn’t need to be.

Clever community management software makes keeping on top of things simple for everyone. We just made it even easier for residents to take control of their life in a shared building. Get in touch if you have any ideas for additional tutorial videos. And if you want to chat about how BuildingLink could enhance your community, you can reach us here.