Five Tutorial Videos that Will Help Residents Use the BuildingLink App

BuildingLink’s Resident’s App puts all of the major functionality of the software at residents fingertips. From updating contact details to booking amenities or checking contract details, residents can now access all they need to know from their smartphones.

The app can easily be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Simply navigate to the right store for your type of phone and click ‘install’. Set up is simple! Residents just need to enter the login details they’ve already been given to link to their existing account for the building where they live. Resident’s home pages include building events and all of the relevant functions for their building below.

A complete overview of the resident’s app is available on BuildingLink’s YouTube channel along with all of the tutorial clips for residents. The brief rundown helps residents familiarise themselves with the app. You can also check it out below!

Easy amenity bookings

Now there’s no need to wait until you’re back at your building or a desktop to book any of the amenities in your community! BuildingLink’s resident’s app puts booking functionality in your pocket. Simple to use and accessible from any of the app screens thanks to the big green button, making sure you have access to the shared spaces you want to use has never been easier.

Because it’s easy to forget things that we don’t use each day, BuildingLink’s tutorial clips provide an easy reminder for residents. This tutorial is available below as well as on BuildingLink’s YouTube channel!

Simple instructions for front desk

Expecting a visitor that’s never been to your building before? Or maybe a big parcel is arriving that needs refrigeration. Whatever it is, sending a front desk instruction (FDI) can smooth the way forward and keep everyone in the loop. Follow the instruction in our easy to follow tutorial so you can let your building management help you!

Library access at your fingers

Need to check the details of your contract? Maybe you’re not sure about the actions you were assigned in the latest minutes from the body corporate. Accessing important documents can now be done from your smartphone thanks to BuildingLink’s residents’ app. Our tutorial below shows you exactly how to do this.

Update details

We all change details from time to time and keeping our building management aware of how best to reach us is really important for keeping up to date! Whether you’ve updated email addresses to one attached to your new website, or you’ve changed your mobile contract and number for a better deal, updating your details is quick and painless on the residents’ app.

BuildingLink’s tutorial clips are available on their website as well as their YouTube channel. Why not subscribe so you can receive alerts about future updates, new tutorial clips and other helpful information?