Focus: Managing Building Amenities

Most buildings have at least a lift that can be booked for move in & outs. If you need to take bookings for building facilities including tennis courts, BBQ pits, cinema, games room or the library, you’ll know how time consuming and how much of a headache this can really be.



We’ve been working away on the amenities module to make taking and approving reservations as easy and simple as possible. By allowing residents to book online, it gives you more time to focus on the important things. Some of the latest releases include:



– Cross building reservations and bookings
If you manage multiple buildings which have access to a particular facility, now you can manage all your bookings from the one place. Residents across multiple buildings can now make reservations and view the availability without you needing to double handle information or juggle booking sheets.



– Limitations
Restrict the amount of times a resident can book an amenity and even how far in the future they can make the booking



– Advance Bookings
Need a number of hours or days notice for bookings? Apply rules for your residents with the click of a button.



If you need help setting up your amenities in BuildingLink, contact our Support Team at support@buildinglinkinternational.com with the details and we’ll sort out the rest!