Gym sensors ready for action!

Following the beta release, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Aware! by BuildingLink Fitness Centre Kit IoT (Internet of Things) initiative. It’s about giving things the ability to sense, report, absorb and act, without human intervention.


Stay in-the-know with real-time data on your fitness equipment by tracking machine usage. Residents can stay informed on the busiest or quietest times in the gym and what equipment is in use at any one time.


Our next solutions focus on leak detection, tracking foot-traffic and keeping your lift running smoothly.


The Leak Detection Sensor Kits are designed to alert managers at the first sign of a leak, to allow for quick fixes and minimal damage. The People Count or People Tracking solution can monitor the number of people entering your building or using your common area spaces, including libraries, pools, meeting rooms, BBQ areas and more. The Lift Monitoring Sensor Kits allow you to monitor anything from hourly and daily traffic to when machinery needs servicing.


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