How BuildingLink Supports Community Health and Well-Being

The casual observer can be forgiven for thinking building management software has little to do with community well-being. From the outside, a system that streamlines building management processes and puts residents in touch with their management team is a world away from health and well-being. But the truth is, our features and functions don’t just make community management easier, they enhance the lives of individuals in those communities too. The health and well-being of residents and staff have always been a priority for BuildingLink’s software development since we opened our doors 20 years ago!

The three core attributes of a healthy community are connectedness, liveability and equity. Our software elevates each of these aspects in ways that improve residents’ health and the well-being of their management teams too.

Community Connection

Our community tools enhance life for residents by putting them in touch with neighbours, their management team and the local businesses in their area. Building noticeboards enable neighbours to buy, swap, share or sell items with each other and announce community events that bring people together.

Residents can easily communicate issues with management teams and problems can not only be automatically logged, but also begin the process of resolution faster. Residents are happier and management teams are able to do more in less time (and with less stress), thanks to the streamlined processes.

Exclusive deals from local businesses create a feeling of connectedness with the world outside the building and a feeling of exclusivity and fellowship within. People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression but greater feelings of self-esteem, empathy and trust. But connection is just one third of community well-being.

Enhancing Liveability

Liveable communities provide safe housing, areas for recreation, and feel safe to walk around. Our tools make sure the buildings that communities reside within can be easily kept in good condition and if things go wrong, they can be fixed quickly. Residents feel secure because buildings are kept in good condition. Management teams can relax a little knowing they’re on top of things and easily able to follow up with contractors if work is delayed.

Security can be monitored and managed by each individual as well as building managers. Specific visitor orders for front desk staff, vehicle records and real-time updates on planned maintenance are easily communicated. Access to communal areas such as event rooms, gyms or swimming pools can be booked quickly and simply via the resident’s app.

During strict lockdowns, buildings were kept safe and facilities available for all to use by ensuring extra time was placed between bookings. This enabled staff to ensure spaces were thoroughly disinfected and ready for the next user, reducing stress for all in a time of high uncertainty.

Equality For All

Equitable communities give each individual a fair crack of the whip. They’re inclusive and welcoming – everyone is able to access the full benefits available, regardless of stature, language or ability.

Our language settings ensure that each resident can view the portal in their preferred language. Community offers, shared facilities and access to all of the helpful features that make each building unique are easily accessed by the resident’s portal – from a smartphone, laptop or another device.

Community health and well-being don’t just rely on the physical spaces that residents inhabit. More and more, digital technology is providing the tools needed to enhance communication, convenience and connection. Get in touch today to find out how we can enhance community well-being for you.