How BuildingLink Supports Resident Management to Build Happier Communities

Residential communities and apartment buildings are only as happy and healthy as the people who are part of them. When people are involved in their communities have a say in how they are managed, well-being improves. People are empowered by putting resident management into their hands. Simply by taking control of personal records, residents can become active players in their communities, so everyone – including management teams – can benefit.

Several of BuildingLink’s resident management core functions allow residents to take control of their records. Resident management is central to community well-being as it encourages residents to play an active role in their building’s management. It also creates a feeling of ownership, belonging, and accountability that helps people to work together and create the types of communities that they want to be a part of.

Resident management portal and app

There are two levels of access for resident management with BuildingLink’s software. Level 1 and Level 2 can be set up in accordance with building policies and residents’ status. Level 1 access typically supports renters, tenants, sub-tenants, home help, and family members while Level 2 access opens more access to suit owners, leaseholders, and shareholders.

Both levels of access put community tools at the fingertips of residents. Community noticeboards, exclusive offers, and management messages can be viewed and managed from the resident portal. Higher levels of access allow residents to request maintenance or send instructions to their front desk and management teams.

Personal details such as contact information, parking details, and even pet management can be taken care of through the resident management functions. Booking facilities and accessing crucial information and documents is also enabled from the residents’ portal and app. BuildingLink’s tutorial videos serve to teach and remind residents how to use various functions.

So much is done on the run these days via our smartphones. BuildingLink’s resident app allows community members to access their details on the go to manage records and requests. Additional features for the app include a “Get me home” button to provide directions back to the building from anywhere and a “call front desk” to get in touch with management easily.

Increasing security and convenience

Resident management functions should enhance daily living without compromising security or convenience. Residents are able to easily send instructions to the front desk to provide access to their apartments for friends, family and home help such as cleaners or carers. This enables the right people access when needed without having to share keys or cards unnecessarily.

Similarly, residents can deny access to certain people and provide instructions that increase the security of the building and their homes. Notes can be attached to apartment records so that no matter who’s managing reception, only authorised visitors will be allowed through.

Keeping communication open and flowing

Community bulletin boards enhance resident management by ensuring crucial information is communicated to everyone – even when life gets too busy to check emails! Community bulletin boards provide information about parcel deliveries, maintenance work, weather reports, and special offers to residents.

In some cases, bulletin boards are also used to enable a buy, swap, and sell marketplace for residents. Notices are submitted through the resident’s portal or app and mediated by management before going live in the community.

Handing the power of personal records and account details to individuals ensures details are kept up to date with greater ease and efficiency. People always have access to the information they need and can communicate their needs easily and quickly. BuildingLink understands that it takes each individual to create a community that people want to be a part of. By putting resident management in the hands of the people, life runs smoothly and people are empowered to do more. Learn more about BuildingLink’s core functions and resident management with a tailored demo.