How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living: Part 2

Vibrant communities are built with great communication, wide participation and shared values and goals. Technology can play a big role in facilitating these elements so apartment buildings and multi-use complexes become places where people want to spend time and live. BuildingLink’s core features support the connections needed to build unique and dynamic communities.

Digital infrastructure is an essential element for communities of all kinds, be they retirement villages, multi-family buildings where people work and play or remote-working business communities. Building management is just one side of the coin, the other is community management. Each side is necessary to ensure residents are happy and building management teams can effectively and efficiently carry out their roles. Our core features include both sides of the coin so residential communities thrive.

Never get lost in translation

Although English is the official language of Australia, more than 20% of Australian residents speak a language other than English at home. In fact, an estimated 300+ languages are spoken in Australia, the most common of which (aside from English) is Mandarin.

BuildingLink offers translation from English into fifteen different languages. All users need to do is select their preferred language from a drop-down menu and BuildingLink will be displayed in the language they understand best. Everyone can communicate freely through BuildingLink, without worries of getting lost in translation.

Making memories

The importance of records can hardly be overstated when it comes to community management. BuiildingLink understands this and as part of our core features, we’ve ensured a lifetime of memories.

Whenever BuildingLink users perform a task that causes an action, it gets recorded and time-stamped. This indelible record creates a full history of interactions for your community and management team. Managers can easily see how well the system is being used, set KPI’s and track them – even for remote teams.

Whether it’s maintenance and communication records or simply trying to track down a parcel that has mysteriously disappeared, BuildingLink’s automated record keeping makes life easier, more transparent and ensures the important things are always remembered.

The largest and lightest filing cabinet you’ll ever use

Multi-family buildings and the communities they house tend to come with a LOT of paperwork. By-laws, warranties, policies and more can be scanned and stored as part of BuildingLink’s data storage core feature. There’s no need to be concerned about accessibility or security either. Our cloud-based storage is secure and always available, thanks to private servers.

Multiple servers ensure there is no system downtime – even when we’re backing up data or carrying out planned maintenance for the system. That means your important documents are always available for the building management team, residents and key stakeholders for your property portfolio. Not only that, you’ll save time and money on storage, printing and never need to worry about losing information to fire, flood or other unexpected events.

BuildingLink’s core features are designed to create an essential system that makes building management easier, less expensive and far more beneficial for community members and management teams. Get in touch for a tailored demonstration today.