How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living

Building technology has advanced considerably in recent years. No longer is it enough for a building management system to optimise the physical infrastructure and systems, it must also engage residents and improve administrative efficiency. In doing so, strong communities are created in which people want to live.

BuildingLink recognises that it’s not a matter of one or the other when it comes to essential digital infrastructure – it’s both. We combine building management with community management to create operational efficiency and higher levels of community engagement. A number of our core features play a role in building the advanced ecosystems in which residential communities thrive.

A management portal with tiered access

Apartment living should be convenient and connected, but to enable that, a range of people need to be working behind the scenes to keep the cogs of the community turning smoothly. It takes a team of dedicated building managers to support a robust and vibrant community.

BuildingLink’s management portal and app come with four tiers of access. This enables team members to competently carry out their roles without the distractions of additional or irrelevant information clouding their view. With four tiers of access, front desk operators to building management team managers are able to keep on top of their duties without getting bogged down with the minutiae or becoming overwhelmed with additional functionality.

Each of these access levels can be further customised to suit individual roles and responsibilities. The additional feature of the management app for smartphone access to BuildingLink’s system allows the building management team to carry on their administrative tasks while on the go.

The resident’s portal: one of the core features that sets BuildingLink apart

Rather than lumber the management team with continual updates for each of the residents they take care of, BuildingLink’s system empowers residents to manage their own records. Along with enabling residents access to the daily management of their details, access to key community documents is also provided.

Building policies, warranties related to apartment assets and committee meeting minutes and decisions can all be found through the residents portal. This area of the system also comes with tiered access. Tier 1 and 2 can be customised to fit with individual building and community policies. By providing access to personal records, resident bulletin board announcements and maintenance requests records, residents are invited and encouraged to play an active role in their community.

Comprehensive databases deliver transparency and create connections

Two core features for BuildingLink’s system, the resident and asset databases, ensure key details are at the fingertips of management teams. This streamlines administrative tasks while enabling faster and stronger community connections to be established.

The resident’s database provides visibility of all resident data, from contractual detail to activity records and preferred methods of communication. The insights gained from these details enable personal connections to be forged and outstanding resident support to be delivered seamlessly and authentically.

A full directory of equipment, assets and core systems means preventative maintenance requirements are kept on track and warranty details are simple to find. Service histories, manufacturer specifications and expected replacement dates integrate with management scheduling to enable streamlined management, transparent processes and more time for what really matters – building community connections.