How BuildingLink’s Document Storage Features Improve Security and Convenience for Communities

Document storage is an integral part of any enterprise. Regardless of the size of a business or community, there is always going to be paperwork generated for and by the people who use and run it. Although most people have turned to electronic storage systems, the kind used will have an enormous impact on the convenience and security it can afford.

There’s no denying we live in a world that doesn’t sleep. No matter the time of night – or day – there is someone awake. Chances are, that person needs information to fuel whatever it is they’re doing. Because of this, servers need to always be accessible. But security is paramount too, as they say, knowledge is power.

Cloud-based document storage

Cloud-based storage has become the answer to anywhere accessibility for all kinds of information. When it comes to building management, a library of documentation is needed for the smooth running of a community – literally. Equally important as convenience and accessibility is security.

Not all cloud storage is created equal. At BuildingLink, we’ve gone with the highest possible level of security and accessibility so our clients don’t have to trade one off against the other. A private network of servers means community documentation is kept securely and is always able to be accessed – even when the system is being upgraded or having maintenance work carried out.

A saving of time and money

Once building documentation has been uploaded to BuildingLink’s system, it can be accessed anywhere by whoever has the authority to view it. That means building by-laws, asset information, house rules, warranties, manuals, maintenance schedules, application forms, committee/council minutes and agendas, and more, are always available when needed.

Everything is kept safe, intact, and accessible even if the building is damaged.  Builders and developers can upload relevant unit documents, building managers can use the document storage system for easy recall of necessary information, and residents are always able to easily access the information that’s relevant to them. What’s more, the higher level of security means no one needs to worry about details being stolen or accessed by unauthorised personnel.

A new level of convenience

It’s not just once residents have moved in that BuildingLink’s document storage facility enhances community living. Welcome packs and related documentation can be uploaded during the development stage, and retained for when residents move in. These also remain available when residents move, so nothing is lost or forgotten.

Real-time access to information is no longer a nice to have – it’s an essential element of the way we live. Communities with robust building management systems expect to be able to access their information night or day. BuildingLink makes this possible without compromising security or the staff member’s time. Book a bespoke demonstration to learn more about how BuildingLink can enhance your development today.