How BuildingLink’s Software Makes Employee Management Better

A positive relationship between building management team members and the community they support is essential for creating strong and happy residential communities. A big factor in creating supportive relationships is ensuring everyone has the right access to the information they need and the tools to perform their roles. BuildingLink’s community management system supports better community and employee management in several ways.

Tiered access for greater security

BuildingLink has four levels of staff access, the most basic of which allows front desk and customer service staff to view residents’ records and enter requests on their behalf. The other end of the spectrum enables managers to review, edit and run reports on the information contained within the system.

Tiered access to information provides people with the information they need without overloading them with unnecessary detail or responsibility. It also ensures personal information is kept secure and can only be used in the ways it was intended. Customisation of permission levels means individual team member’s access can be further limited or expanded to suit their specific roles.

Contractor management

When maintenance requests are received or issues arise that require professional tradespeople to resolve, a fast and efficient work order process ensures things are managed well by the right people. All approved contractors and vendors can be uploaded and saved in BuildingLink’s system. This allows workflows to be created and work orders to be sent with just a few clicks.

What’s more, the entire process from lodging an issue through to its resolution can be tracked and recorded for future reference. This improves accountability along with transparency for all works taking place within a building.

Automatic notifications

When facilities are booked, work requests are lodged or new documents are added to the online document library, residents can be instantly notified of the action. Automatic notifications keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date with what is happening in their building.

Simple notifications to residents from management teams build trust and keep the lines of communication open and free. It also provides greater transparency for what is happening within the community and reassures people their requests have been heard and acted upon. In cases where a lift is out of action or another key facility is unavailable for a period of time, it lets people make alternative arrangements to accommodate the change.

Checklists and recurring jobs

Many preventative and routine inspections need to happen on a cycle. BuildingLink supports these recurring tasks with checklist functions and automated notifications and maintenance requests to ensure they never get forgotten – even if management teams are ill or on leave.

Recurring tasks such as filter replacements, routine checks and landscaping tasks can be input once with the required cadence so reminders and work requests are generated automatically. These reminders and checklists allow management teams to focus on activities that support better relationships with owners and residents without the worry that essential issues will be forgotten.

Building management teams that are supported by robust digital systems can be confident that essential elements of their role are taken care of. BuildingLink ensures employee management is easier and team members always have the tools and information they need to perform their roles at hand.