ImageR™: A new effortless way to manage deliveries

Let us introduce you to ImageR™, the latest innovation in our management suite by BuildingLink.


What is ImageR™?
An AI powered package log-in solution, ImageR™ combines Image Recognition with Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to make parcel check-in and distribution effortless. Yes, it’s a label reader, barcode scanner, data parser, and resident name matcher, all in one, and the advances it makes to improved liveability will put a smile on your face.


Say goodbye to tiresome logging processes, inaccurate package entries and RSI in the wrist from signing for endless deliveries. Matching label details to your resident database via advanced technology, ImageR™ is a fast, one step check-in system, that gives building staff and residents back more time.


How does ImageR™ work?
ImageR™ is available through the GEO® by BuildingLink android app. Once you’ve downloaded this to your android device, simply hover the camera over each shipping label, then wait for the two-tone beep, indicating that you’ve logged the delivery successfully. Even if the parcel has multiple barcodes, ImageR™ recognises the tracking number, carrier and shipper. It’s like magic, but really just mind-blowingly smart. Here, you also have the opportunity to confirm correct resident and package details, along with the option to add a description.
Next, tap ‘Save’. Residents will receive an automatic SMS or email notification, letting them know they have a package. Simple.
Your job here is now done, until of course the next delivery arrives!


How do I get ImageR™?
First, download the GEO® by BuildingLink app from the Google Play store onto your android device. Tap the ImageR™ icon, and you’re away.
At this stage ImageR™ is not available on iOS devices, but never fear as our busy tech elves are working on this, seeking out an iOS toolkit as we speak.


Who is currently using ImageR™?
Freshly launched in the US, over 256,000 packages have been recorded via ImageR™ in the last 90 days. With 150 buildings already using ImageR™ daily, properties are using it to record between fifty and ninety-seven per cent of inbound package activity. In Australia, there are 15 buildings already using ImageR™ since its release, with over 20,000 packages successfully delivered.


How much time does ImageR™ save?
Short of installing a microchip timer into the hands of building managers, our less intrusive studies show that ImageR™ cuts average package handling and entry time from fifty-two seconds, down to an estimated 8 seconds. With thousands of packages checked into buildings each week, this is a huge time-saver.


ImageR™ is also extremely efficient in closing out package deliveries. Just open ImageR™, scan the package label, it pulls up the correct record, and the recipient enters their signature on the device. You tap ‘Close’ and move along to your next task.


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