ImageR™ insight: the role of machine learning and algorithmic matching

ImageR™ is providing building staff with a revolutionary and simple method to manage package deliveries. Here, we go backstage to explain the cutting-edge technology used to enable this time-saving parcel log-in solution.


How does machine learning drive ImageR™ technology?
Firstly, let’s look at machine learning algorithms. These algorithms dissect data, learn from that data and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions. A good example of this is Spotify, the music streaming app, which recommends new songs or artists to each user, based on what they’re already listening to.


With regard to ImageR™, machine learning has taken the traditional barcode scanning scenario, commonly used in supermarkets, to a new level. Rather than using infrared scanners, ImageR™ has adopted machine learning, Optical Character Recognition and image processing technology, to read and process a barcode by hovering a smart device over it. Next, it then goes a further step, detecting the shipper and addressee, sending the recipient an SMS to inform them that they have a delivery.


ImageR™ uses algorithmic matching to pair a parcel with the correct recipient
Using image recognition technology, ImageR™ converts scanned images of text to electronic data, which can then be searched, indexed and retrieved. BuildingLink has worked tirelessly to create a processing data set, consisting of thousands of scanned parcels to train and optimise our algorithms to match a delivery label to the building database – with superior precision and accuracy.


ImageR™ in action
Let’s take a look at the following scenario:
John Smith has purchased the latest release bird watching book from Amazon. He’s awaiting his parcel eagerly. Three days after placing his order, John receives an SMS, notifying him that his book has arrived and is awaiting his collection. John collects his parcel and loses himself in his new book on birds. He couldn’t be happier with this super easy process of parcel receipt.


Now let’s go behind the scenes. When John’s parcel arrived, the Building Manager used ImageR™ on his smart device to scan the label. The parcel barcode and shipper details were validated, via machine learning algorithms, against the respective BuildingLink building’s database of residents. Once ImageR™ matched the information to John Smith, it automatically notified him of his delivery. So simple and so quick.


When you multiply this action by thousands of parcels, per resident, per building, per year, ImageR™ really does earn its cred, with its simplicity and accuracy of function, delivering peace of mind every time.


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