Infinity by Crown Group | Case Study

Partnering with BuildingLink International for their last 6 projects over four years including V, ARC, Skye, Oasis, and Waterfall, Infinity by Crown Group is the latest project which is dedicated to enhancing community engagement and liveability for their residents. BuildingLink’s software also gives Crown Group the opportunity to optimise and streamline many of their business processes, giving them a distinct operational advantage. 

We recently sat down with Crown Group’s Client Relations Manager, Kym Rogers to explore the key benefits of their community management strategy and processes.

With over 200 employees and another four projects underway, Crown Group have establised a reputation for developing high quality, innovative luxury apartments in Australia. Working closely with Crown Group, we’re pleased to share some insights into how we’ve assisted their team to curate integrated community developments across Australia.

Kym, tell us about your organisation:

Kym:      Crown Group is a global property developer with over 200 employees. Having built a reputation for developing high quality luxury apartments and hotels worldwide, we are driven to give customers the ultimate experience in urban space. Combining inspired architecture with the key principles of liveability, we create new connected communities that are changing the fabric of cities worldwide.

Before you partnered with BuildingLink International, what was the business problem that Crown Group were trying to solve?

Kym:      We needed a central system to efficiently manage defects, track occupants and record any changes of ownership. It was also important for us to maintain a history of building issues, as well as have the ability to quickly locate plans and product manuals.

Prior to adopting BuildingLink software, whenever there was a change in building managers or strata managers, all the history and data would be deleted, which was extremely inefficient.

Our team also wanted to increase our interaction and communication with each client, so establishing a professional communication platform between our project and construction division was imperative.

Tell us about the benefits you’ve experienced as a result of adopting BuildingLink software for Infinity by Crown Group and your other developments:

Kym:      We now have one central location for record keeping, which provides real-time information that is shared between ourselves, building managers, strata managers and residents. The central storage of data and secure record keeping provides peace of mind in the event that this information needs to be relied upon for any disputes.

Giving us complete transparency and unprecedented data accuracy, BuildingLink’s software also enables us to record the history of events within each building, and even within individual apartments.

Ensuring minimal disruption when there are staff changes, the efficiency of building management can now also be monitored, property managers can gain access to moving-in documents and common areas can be easily managed.

BuildingLink provides one platform for all stakeholders, from building management and staff to the clients, agents, tenants and developer. This, in turn, leads to a more cohesive relationship between the developer, builder, building manager and strata.

All managed simply via the BuildingLink app, the technology also includes reporting capabilities for committee meetings and AGM’s as well as virtual audit functionality.

In addition, BuildingLink’s software has significantly improved our quality control across developments.

What were your key objectives in partnering with a community management software organisation?

Kym:      We needed all stakeholders, across all projects, to be able to access information via the one, easy-to-use platform. Our communication and sharing of information is now so much easier, allowing staff to change sites yet still use the same software. And it means that lost emails are a thing of the past!

Plus, it’s not only the building management staff that use the BuildingLink program. Our strata managers, property managers and relevant construction staff are all now utilising the software.

What other methods are you using to enhance liveability and community connection in your developments?

Kym:      As an active developer, we engage with local businesses who provide our residents with special offers. We also host a number of community events and functions for Infinity by Crown Group purchasers and residents. In addition, we publish and circulate a resident newsletter which is very well received throughout each of our developments.

We’d like to thank Kym and Crown Group for these valuable insights on working with our team. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of implementing our software throughout your buildings, please get in touch with our team by emailing