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How BuildingLink’s Document Storage Features Improve Security and Convenience for Communities

Document storage is an integral part of any enterprise. Regardless of the size of a business or community, there is always going to be paperwork generated for and by the people who use and run it. Although most people have turned to electronic storage systems, the kind used will have an enormous impact on the […]

How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living: Part 2

Vibrant communities are built with great communication, wide participation and shared values and goals. Technology can play a big role in facilitating these elements so apartment buildings and multi-use complexes become places where people want to spend time and live. BuildingLink’s core features support the connections needed to build unique and dynamic communities. Digital infrastructure […]

Why Building Management Software Security Must be Second to None

Secure systems, whether online or on your personal devices, keep you and your contacts safe. These days, cybercrime is an unfortunate reality of our modern world. When digital properties like email accounts, websites or online portals are vulnerable, it puts everyone with a connection to that virtual property at risk too. That’s why BuildingLink takes […]

How BuildingLink’s Core Features and Benefits Enhance Community Living

Building technology has advanced considerably in recent years. No longer is it enough for a building management system to optimise the physical infrastructure and systems, it must also engage residents and improve administrative efficiency. In doing so, strong communities are created in which people want to live. BuildingLink recognises that it’s not a matter of […]

Boosting Quality of Life: How BuildingLink Enhanced Life at Avington Point Cook

Avington Point Cook is a lifestyle village set 22km outside Melbourne. Over 200 residents make up the vibrant community, made up of the retired, semi-retired and some still working full time, all enjoying resort-style facilities and a central clubhouse with a fully equipped bar and private dining room. Alongside the extensive facilities, residents enjoy easy […]

How BuidingLink Saves You Time and Money

When we streamline processes, we get more done and spend less time circling back on ourselves. This leads to higher levels of productivity and lowers costs to the business. But most important of all is the time saving streamlined processes allow for. Once time is spent, we can never get it back. Spending our time […]

Interview with BuildingLink’s: Kirsty Carberry, Accounts

In a customer-focused company like BuildingLink, even our bookkeeper is interested in enhancing our customer’s experience. By developing good relationships with clients and supporting all aspects of their needs, we’re better able to deliver a quality and essential service that enhances the communities we’re part of. It’s not just our external customers we value though, […]

Communication Tools from BuildingLink Keep Your Building Community Informed and Happy

The mechanism we choose to convey our messages can give them more impact, or have our words being lost in the noise of modern life. Communication plays a crucial role in the happiness and health of a community. When communication flows freely, in both directions, between residents, committee members and building management teams, a greater […]

Why Communication is Important for Managing Properties and Creating Happy Communities

Clear, concise and compassionate communication is at the heart of all great relationships. Whether it’s personal or professional, the way we keep in touch matters – a lot. In today’s world, the niceties of everyday interactions sometimes get lost in favour of a focus on productivity. It’s a faulty perspective though. Courtesy and kindness cost […]

Easy Tutorials for the BuildingLink App and Management Site

With everything we need to carry around in our heads these days, it’s hardly surprising that some things get forgotten – especially when we’re not using them each day! Fortunately, we have smartphones to remind us of booked appointments and YouTube to show us how to do pretty much anything. BuildingLink’s YouTube channel is jam-packed […]

BuildingLink’s Referral Program Earns Fun Money for Subscribers

Personal recommendations for products and services carry far more weight than any advertising campaign could. Referral programs also create an opportunity for businesses to build stronger relationships with their clients. That’s exactly why BuildingLink’s new referral program launched in 2021. Customer relationships are at the core of all we do. We know that our clients […]

Five Tutorial Videos that Will Help Residents Use the BuildingLink App

BuildingLink’s Resident’s App puts all of the major functionality of the software at residents fingertips. From updating contact details to booking amenities or checking contract details, residents can now access all they need to know from their smartphones. The app can easily be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Simply navigate to the […]

Interview with BuildingLink’s: Leah Piron, Customer Success Coordinator

The customer support BuildingLink provides its clients is second to none in the Proptech space. We know our excellent service is what sets us apart from our competition. When the right support is available, technology has a human touch that can change lives. We’ve seen our building management solution bring communities together, enhance the convenience […]

Why BuildingLink’s Personalised Customer Care Puts Them Ahead of the Competition

Personalised customer care that goes along with the new technology for your building manager and community can make or break its success. Learning how to use new management tools is easier when there’s an interested expert on hand to show you the ropes and answer all your questions. Everyone is more likely to adopt the […]

A Winning Partnership to Lead Community Living into a Brighter Future

One of BuildingLink’s greatest strengths is the communication tools for communities. We believe communication is the glue that bonds communities. Keeping people informed and in touch creates a stable and secure environment that people want to be a part of. Thanks to a partnership with Premium Living Media (PLM), our communication strengths have become even […]

Interview with BuildingLink’s: Yuta Suzuki, Marketing Manager & Web Administrator

: What is your background/what skills do you bring to your role? I majored marketing in Keio university in Japan and developed it into the world of digital marketing as well. I also learned about web design, SEO, paid advertising, digital network, accounting (USCPA). Basically, my background is based on retail industry – Daimaru department […]

Convenience is king! Why integrated solutions make life easy for residents

Five years ago, just 10% of Australians lived in flats or apartments, this has risen year on year as more Australians opt for the perks of community living that units and apartments provide. There are many reasons more people are opting for apartment living. Integrated building management solutions improve the level of convenience, security and […]

How Great Customer Service Can Make or Break Building Management Software Success

There’s a reason 64% of customers are happy to pay more if it means they’ll get better customer service. It’s because the customer service person at the end of the phone or email has the ability to improve or wreck your day. When things go wrong, a list of FAQs or worse – a bot […]

How to Improve Strata Management for a Happier Community and Body Corporate

If you live in a shared apartment building, the chances are, you have a strata manager that keeps life in the building ticking over smoothly. Sometimes known as body corporate management, the role of a strata manager fits snugly beside the role of the body corporate to deliver comprehensive support to the community within the […]

Gold Coast Developers Seize an Advantage with BuildingLink’s Premium Service

The growing trend for people in Australia’s southern states to head north and follow the sun has caused Gold Coast apartment prices to surge. An average 23% increase across the coastal city has been seen, while prices have risen as much as 97% in more sought-after areas like Mermaid Waters, Burleigh and Miami. As apartment […]

Luxury Canberra Apartments Rely on BuildingLink for Community Management Support

When it comes to luxury apartment living in Canberra, BuildingLink is just as integral as the bricks and mortar. Or should we say steel and glass? While many real estate businesses try to fit their building and community management needs into standard strata software systems, companies such as Vantage Strata and GEOCON are opting for […]

Improving Communities with Technology: How BuildingLink Made Life in Lockdown Easier

Melbourne experienced the harshest and longest COVID-19 lockdown orders out of all world cities. Of the 5 million city residents who had to cope with nearly nine months of stay at home orders, apartment and strata residents were some of the hardest hit. Building managers, owners and communities had to pivot quickly, switching to remote […]

Which Property Investment is Better? Build to Rent Vs Build to Sell

There are many ways to invest in property. Buying your own home, buying and ‘flipping’, buying to rent, building and selling, part ownership and more. One of the newer concepts for property investment is ‘Build to Rent’ (BTR or sometimes B2R). While Build to Rent may seem straightforward, there’s a little more to it that […]

Interview with BuildingLink’s: Louise Roetman, Customer Service and Training Team Leader

One of the keys to offering a community management system that makes everyone’s life easier, is comprehensive support. Not just a customer service and help desk response when you send an email, but over the phone support and thorough training for everyone using the system. When everyone can get what they need from a building […]

How to improve building maintenance quality while lowering costs

Building maintenance is a task that often falls to the building manager or sometimes the body corporate. Issues with building maintenance – usually the cost or quality of work – can sometimes be points of contention in shared buildings. Finding ways in which the quality of building maintenance can be improved and costs reduced is […]

How Software can Solve some of the Challenges faced by Retirement Community Managers

While retirement communities vary in size, atmosphere and amenities, many of the challenges faced by retirement community managers are the same. Engaging residents in physical activities, building a sense of belonging in the community and retaining talented caregivers are the three of the top issues faced today. Technology can be used to mitigate and even […]

The Essential Tools and Qualities Needed to be a Great Building Manager

Building Managers are busy people who wear a number of different hats each day. There’s a lot to manage too, not just the actual structure, but also the community living or working (or both) within the building. A building manager’s role is varied and no two days are likely to be the same. But it’s […]

How Secure is BuildingLink and Why are Cloud Servers Needed?

Internet access to software applications provide increased agility for businesses, staff and other users. They can also increase the risk of data breaches if they’re not managed right. This balancing act between convenience and security makes many people wary of systems that are accessed online. And for good reason too. What’s the point of access […]

The Future of BuildingLink International with COO Nikki Marshall

BuildingLink International is run by a small, dedicated team of advocates for building management in Australia and the Asia-pacific region. Not content to see this region simply follow the rest of the world, they’re leading the way with building management software that makes the lives of residents, managers, and developers easier. They’re giving transparency to […]

Easy to use Building Management Software for Creating Strong Communities

There are many moving parts when it comes to building and community management. The more empowered community members are, the easier the role of the building manager can be and the more engaged each resident becomes. When choosing a building management system, it’s important to choose something that will work for everyone – not just […]

Behind the scenes of BuildingLink International with CEO Niall Marshall

At the turn of the century, when everyone else was worried about the Y2K bug, a family passionate about property in America were busy building BuildingLink. They combined their industry know-how with technological innovation to create one of the best proptech solutions available for property managers and residents today. A decade later, the software arrived […]

4 Ways to Build Your Community with Building Management Online

There is no denying that the role of a building manager is full of challenges. There are many aspects of building and community management that need addressing on a daily basis. A system that can streamline some of these processes and empower residents to take care of their records enhances the engagement of a community […]

Build Stronger Communities with an Accounting and Property Software Integration

Unlike many other businesses, property managers and building managers have a wide range of financial responsibilities. From accepting rental payments to security deposits and managing supplier invoices, there’s a lot to keep track of. While managing communications and maintenance issues within the strata or building may take up the bulk of building and strata manager’s […]

5 Benefits a Proptech Solution Should Deliver for Developers

Being a property developer is a little like being a conductor. Many different activities need to be coordinated to create the symphony of the strata you’ve envisioned. Some may say that there’s never a dull moment – or a minute to sit down! From locating the perfect property to marketing the final development, a property […]

How to Improve Community Management with the Right Tools

Community management is often thought of in terms of online groups and marketing. However, when it comes to our built environment, conscious community management can increase engagement, bridge the gap between managers and building users, and ultimately, improve the quality of life for all. The right tools for building and strata managers are essential for […]

Empowering Residents with Bespoke Software

One of the most common complaints about building managers is that they are hard to reach and don’t keep tenants updated about their building. Yet building and strata manager’s days are often full to overflowing with checks, maintenance works and preparing reports. They’re some of the busiest people you could meet. Communication is the foundation […]

How to Streamline Facility Management for Better Results

There’s more pressure on Facilities Managers than ever these days. Building owners, users and residents expect their spaces to be efficient, sustainable and easy to use. Processes and software that support facility management or, better yet, improve it for the manager and other stakeholders can ensure that everyone is happy and things run efficiently and […]

How does a Building Management System Work?

There are many different kinds of Building Management Systems (BMS). Each has its own special functions and ways of working. Most BMSs are designed to support property managers through centralised controls for building assets like plumbing, electrics and other essential systems. Other software is designed to support the tasks that fall to a building or […]

Enhanced Public Displays

The recent enhancements to our new Public Display have been a great success! BuildingLink staff and residents are now enjoying an even better experience.  New customisable widgets ensure staff can communicate with residents and everyone can remain safe during COVID-19. Important building messages, photo albums, local weather and news, and event information is now customizable […]

Amenities Viewable in GEO App

BuildingLink’s GEO App has had even more functionality added to it! All upcoming reservations for today and tomorrow, approved and requested reservations, and bookings of shared amenities – both one-off and recurring can now be viewed from the App.  When you’re out onsite, there’s no need to return to your desk for a quick update […]

BuildingLink App Customisation

Designed to enhance your next project or showcase your portfolio of properties, our BuildingLink branded apps help to consolidate your brand, show your offering in a unique light and push you above the competition.  With elevated service at its core, residents can book amenities, submit maintenance requests, or check for deliveries, directly from the app, […]

Rosewood Hong Kong: Curating liveability through experiential stays

Featuring 186 beautifully appointed residences, 413 luxury hotel rooms, eight restaurants, and a range of thoughtfully designed recreational and wellness facilities, Rosewood Hong Kong offers exquisite comfort and distinctive hospitality. An urban sanctuary amidst a dynamic backdrop Inspiring transformative and experiential stays, the majestic Rosewood tower blends seamlessly into the vibrant Hong Kong landscape. Situated […]

Infinity by Crown Group | Case Study

Partnering with BuildingLink International for their last 6 projects over four years including V, ARC, Skye, Oasis, and Waterfall, Infinity by Crown Group is the latest project which is dedicated to enhancing community engagement and liveability for their residents. BuildingLink’s software also gives Crown Group the opportunity to optimise and streamline many of their business […]

Manage multiple buildings? We’re about to make your life so much easier

What is the Tiered Community Structure feature? Listening to the feedback from our Building Managers, BuildingLink International saw that we could offer a huge time-saving benefit by streamlining communication, document storage and amenity usage across multiple sites of the one development. And we’re pleased to announce that we’ve developed a new Tiered Community Structure feature […]

Offering next level support, we’re here for you. It’s that simple.

Here at BuildingLink International, we understand that every building is different, as are the requirements of you, your team and your residents. That’s why we offer personalised service, support and custom-made solutions for your business. Flexible Training Tailored To You Whether you’d prefer face-to-face or online training, we customise each session to suit you and […]

Build your brand equity through the BuildingLink Resident app

Offering a new way to keep residents’ eyes on your brand, BuildingLink International is pleased to launch a distinctive offering, where you can choose to white label the Resident app. Enhance connection with residents BuildlingLink residents currently use the Resident app on a daily basis. They’re booking amenities, submitting maintenance requests, receiving announcements, push notifications, […]

CWG Corporate Golf Day | A day on the green

Proud sponsors and participants in the recent CWG Corporate Golf Day, BuildingLink International enjoyed a great day of golf, connecting with industry peers and taking in the stunning views from New South Wales Golf Club in La Perouse. Congratulations to CWG Development on hosting another successful event.

5 simple ways to attract and retain purchasers in a softening market

Strategies you can implement now to ensure continued business growth in 2019 and beyond. 1. Smarten up! (Your units) Powered by The Internet of Things (IoT), home automation and monitoring is very much a key differentiator for homes and properties. Connecting your computer, mobile, clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, blinds, appliances and even cooking […]

The Link by BLI: Landing pages customised to give you a sales advantage

Landing pages customised to give you a sales advantage How does The Link by BLI work? Each time a building resident wants to log in to the BuildingLink community management system, they are directed to a designated brand-centric landing page. This landing page can be tailored and completely branded for your business. It’s the perfect […]

Q & A with Louise Roetman: Chief Leader of Teams, Training Extraordinaire and Lover of Craft

Tell us what a typical workday looks like: Louise: In a typical workday, I oversee and work with the Support Team to ensure client expectations are always exceeded.  My day is split between working on the setup for new buildings that have come onboard with BuildingLink, answering enquiries, taking phone calls, delivering training both internally […]

BuildingLink Software Feature: Ready Responses

How does Ready Responses work? Designed to give you back more time in your day, our predefined response function gives you a platform to create FAQ property-related content and upload it into your BuildingLink software system. In a nutshell, you simply input a range of repetitive questions that you get asked on a regular basis, […]

New to the BuildingLink software suite, say ‘yes’ to the RSVP Booking System

From creating events through to registering attendees, RSVP is your time-saving online and real-time event management tool. Whether you’re organising an AGM, a Body Corporate meeting or gathering your building community for a social catch-up, RSVP brings it all together for you. Sending your event details automatically out to invitees via our BuildingLink software or […]

Need to reduce contractor risk in your building? Let us introduce you to the Vendor Compliance Module

Created by your local BuildingLink partners, the initial release of the VCM provides a new level of functionality for our Managers, with more features to follow in the near future. As one of our first key programming initiatives, the VCM has been specifically designed for the APAC region. Now also implemented by our BuildingLink partners […]

Why a formal Vendor Compliance Process is paramount for future proofing your buildings

Recently in Sydney, we’ve been watching the story unfold around Opal Tower and its structural design and construction issues that have caused the relatively new building to crack. With residents being evacuated and the tower requiring significant rectification works, this has had a devastating flow-on effect for all stakeholders involved. Although the building is deemed […]

BuildingLink International set to expand into the Japanese market

In our quest to create better liveability within our communities worldwide, CEO Niall Marshall recently spent time in Japan, introducing the benefits of the BuildingLink cloud-based community management software to a number of interested property developers and management companies. With a strong and ongoing presence throughout Asia, this is an exciting new growth opportunity for […]

Taking a break this season? Rest easy knowing that BuildingLink is always working for you.

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that 2018 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with […]

Christmas is on our doorstep, but will your gifts be there for the big day too?

What is ImageR™ and how does it work? ImageR™ is an AI-powered package handling solution, incorporating sophisticated algorithms to match data from a parcel barcode to a building’s database of owners and units. Featuring an inbuilt virtual barcode scanner that logs each package delivery into the system, ImageR™ recognises the tracking number, carrier and shipper. […]

BuildingLink Emergency Broadcast service proves to be invaluable in recent Sydney storms

Sending out 13,445 emergency broadcasts throughout 65 buildings across Sydney, managers were able to alert residents via SMS and phone blast about the ferocious storm. Communications ranged from emergency alerts about glass panels shattering and the immediate danger associated, power outages, mechanical failures and notices to bring balcony or outdoor furniture inside the property, right […]

Build-to-rent | The BuildingLink International Advantage

As an alternative long-term investment option, high-density build-to-rent developments are predicted to lead and accelerate the growth of rental properties throughout Australia in the next decade. Appealing to institutional investors and developers, the build-to-rent sector provides affordable, high quality, long-term housing – giving unprecedented security to tenants and a low-risk, ongoing revenue stream to developers. […]

Build-to-rent | The new player in the Australian housing market

With an impending shift in balance from home ownership to renting in Australia, the build-to-rent sector provides an affordable, quality, and long-term housing solution for the increasing population that has been priced out of the owner-occupier market. Attracting institutional investors and developers with government incentives, build-to-rent not only offers rental stability to tenants but also […]

Community connection is getting even better, with the first release launch of Marketplace

Offering exclusive value, efficiency and convenience, Marketplace connects residents with local business and services, exclusive specials and offers just for BuildingLink managed properties, while providing a central hub to shop. And the first release is available via the BuildingLink app. How does Marketplace work? Marketplace provides BuildingLink International residents with a directory of local retailers, […]

Marketplace by BuildingLink International | The future of convenient shopping with a local feel

With Amazon launching in Australia last year, joining the likes of online giants eBay and Gumtree, does this mean we will all soon only shop with the click of a button or can we still enjoy a shopping experience where we can touch, feel and try on?  Or what if we could have both? Some […]

Industry Involve: Annual UDIA NSW Crown Group Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner

The BuildingLink International team were thrilled to attend the UDIA NSW Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner, held on Friday 3rd August in Sydney.  Recognising and rewarding project innovation and sustainability, along with industry leadership and excellence in urban development, becoming an award finalist or winner is a prestigious achievement for developers in New South Wales. […]

Como Uma Canggu Hotel | Powered by BuildingLink technology

A coveted island destination, Como Uma Canggu opened in early 2018.  Working with our BuildingLink International team, the resort wanted to add a transcendent convenience for guests and inspire a connected community holiday destination. Known for their impeccable service and architectural excellence, our BuildingLink technology complemented the ethos of Como Uma Canggu perfectly. Adopting BuildingLink […]

Need a trusted Building Manager for your project?

Speak to BuildingLink International first. More than a Community Management System for your development, did you know that BuildingLink International can add value to your project by connecting you with the right Building Manager. Based on our strong connections and recognising the value that BuildingLink adds to developments, developers often ask us to recommend Building […]

The property council of Australia innovation & excellence awards

Celebrating the finalists in the National Innovation & Excellence Awards, the prestigious Gala Dinner and Awards evening was held on Friday 11th May in Sydney at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour. BuildingLink International are delighted to have partnered with State Finalists:  Unison by Mirvac (QLD), BECK Property Groups Caulfield Health development (VIC) […]

Industry Events

Biaggio Signorelli Asbestos Foundation 10 Year Tribute Autumn Gala Marking the 10th anniversary of the passing of Biaggio Signorelli to Asbestos Cancer, BuildingLink International were privileged to attend the Autumn Gala Ball on Wednesday 30 May 2018.  Held at Doltone House at the Australian Technology Park, and attended by 2000 guests, the evening celebrated the […]

Top tech trends: home and building automation

Using a phone app to lock or unlock your home, turn lights on and off, set room temperature, monitor your place remotely –home automation undoubtedly makes our lives easier (plus it’s a great way to show off to your friends).  Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s predicted that very soon, most if not […]

MgmtCo Dashboard

Providing unparalleled insight across all your buildings’ operations, the MgmtCo Dashboard is a platform where you can monitor KPI’s, identify key areas in need of improvement, and implement effective strategies to lift efficiency – all at the touch of a button.  This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to drastically reduce costs for owners, refining […]

Developer Dashboard

BuildingLink launches another game-changer Offering unparalleled insight across all property operations, the Developer Dashboard is a platform that provides a single data source for all your projects – all at the touch of a button.  This gives you the opportunity to not only drastically reduce costs for owners, but also get a better understanding of […]

ImageR™: A new effortless way to manage deliveries

Let us introduce you to ImageR™, the latest innovation in our management suite by BuildingLink.   What is ImageR™? An AI powered package log-in solution, ImageR™ combines Image Recognition with Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to make parcel check-in and distribution effortless. Yes, it’s a label reader, barcode scanner, data parser, and resident name […]

Does the airbnb business model have a place in apartment buildings?

Culture is key in apartment buildings. A happy community driven by engaging occupants, building managers and great amenities, makes it an attractive place to live. So, what happens when occupants rent their home out on Airbnb? Does it bring a new set of challenges or a fresh buzz of diversity to the building?   While […]

ImageR™ insight: the role of machine learning and algorithmic matching

ImageR™ is providing building staff with a revolutionary and simple method to manage package deliveries. Here, we go backstage to explain the cutting-edge technology used to enable this time-saving parcel log-in solution.   How does machine learning drive ImageR™ technology? Firstly, let’s look at machine learning algorithms. These algorithms dissect data, learn from that data […]

Snapchat filters are fun, but how do they work?

Snapchat filters use machine learning algorithms, just like our ImageR™ tech, to detect the face in each image.   Viewing these images as a set of data with colour patterns, the program then looks for areas of contrast. Next, it calculates the difference between light and dark parts. For example, the eye socket is darker […]

Annual building & property summit 2018

BuildingLink International was pleased to partner as silver sponsor at The Annual Building & Property Summit, presented by the Lefand Group.   The purpose of this event was to bring together developers, strata and managing agents, owner occupiers and service contractors to meet, collaborate, and discover business synergies. With the aim of leading to long […]

Developer Case Study: The role of BuildingLink in Northshore development sales

Using BuildingLink as a substantial value-add to their Northshore marketing, The Pavillion Group chat to us about the key benefits, and how resident feedback solidifies their decision to adopt BuildingLink technology as a unique selling point that results in a superior end-product for owners & residents alike.   “Your building at your fingertips. BuildingLink offers […]

Voice AI – Changing the way we live

In past decades, films such as The Matrix and Blade Runner have featured Voice AI as a futuristic, dystopian concept. Fast forward to today and this technology has advanced to a point where many of us can’t imagine life without it (yes we’re talking to you, Amazon Alexa).   So what is Voice AI and […]

Building Defect Bond Review NSW – BuildingLink Insights

The Building Bond and Inspections Scheme was introduced by the NSW Government on 1 January 2018, requiring developers to lodge a bond of two per cent of a building’s contract price with NSW Fair Trading for residential and mixed-use high-rise strata buildings, four storeys plus. While there is much ambiguity around the legislation, there will […]

Let’s watch Alexa in action

Did we mention that along with providing immediate voice responses to your building related questions, Alexa will also dim your lights and play your favourite tunes; only stopping short of decanting your favourite wine and fetching your slippers?   Unless of course, Alexa is sick. Which would never happen. Well, maybe only in this Super […]

Meet Alexa

BuildingLink International is excited to announce the launch of the BuildingLink Skill for Amazon Alexa, providing our residents with a new, fast and easy way to access information, in and around your residence.   What is the BuildingLink Skill, Amazon Echo & Alexa that we speak of? Alexa is Amazon’s voice service, accessed through Amazon […]

Gym sensors ready for action!

Following the beta release, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Aware! by BuildingLink Fitness Centre Kit IoT (Internet of Things) initiative. It’s about giving things the ability to sense, report, absorb and act, without human intervention.   Stay in-the-know with real-time data on your fitness equipment by tracking machine usage. Residents can stay […]

4,000 buildings.. and counting!

As some of you are already aware, 2017 has been a monumental year for BuildingLink as the system is now deployed in over 4,000 buildings across the globe. We’d like to thank all our customers for your support over the years. We’re looking forward to many more together as we continue to update and innovate […]

Shangri-La Residences

BuildingLink International is proud to announce its partnership with Shangri-La Residences with our first building in Singapore. The team at Shangri-La were looking for a technology solution that they could implement in order to achieve a consistent level of 5-star service to their residents and settled upon BuildingLink as their technology partner to assist them […]

MgmtCo Portal

We’re happy to announce the release of our new Management Company Dashboard, which offers company managers a unique way to view and benchmark their BuildingLink performance data for their entire portfolio.   In your MgmtCo Portal, the new “Analytics” tab will show you how each of your properties compare in terms of resident communication and […]

The Broadcast

It’s a feature loved by many, but there are still some building staff and managers hesitant to send a broadcast to the residents in their building.   This feature is without a doubt one of the tools most raved about by residents. They love getting an SMS or phone blast saying their package has arrived […]

Pet Registry

It’s time to update your pet registry by taking the process online.   Residents can now submit pets for management approval, via the pet registry module. This allows management to keep a database of building pets & relevant information associated with them. Pets that are added to the pet registry are only viewable by management. […]

PSI Bookings Simplified

We recently launched our PSI booking functionality; now you can manage all pre-settlement inspections through BuildingLink. Display available time slots, limit duration, set dates and approve bookings with the click of a button. Simplify the process through one system so everyone is on the same page. Need more info? Email

Design Centre

Your building’s image is an important aspect of your community.   Email Templates: The Email Template module offers a number of templates for you to use, from special occasion emails to official notifications. Add a thumbnail, logo or banner to customise your building’s emails. Login Page: If your building doesn’t have a customised login page, […]

Focus: Managing Building Amenities

Most buildings have at least a lift that can be booked for move in & outs. If you need to take bookings for building facilities including tennis courts, BBQ pits, cinema, games room or the library, you’ll know how time consuming and how much of a headache this can really be.     We’ve been […]

Community Living @ Central Square

Since launching, Central Square West Ryde has been an excellent example of how BuildingLink has been utilised to enhance community living, by connecting residents to each other and engaging them with the nearby shops and service providers. During the first 3 months of settlement, there were over 11,000 resident logins in the 230 unit mixed-use […]

The latest from BuildingLink Labs

We’re taking your residential living experience to the next level with the assistance of voice recognition software!   Take a look at the video and see our first BuildingLink “Amazon Echo” skill. This skill, talks to our beta Fitness Centre Aware!Kit, tracking the real time in-use status for each exercise machine in the Fitness Centre, […]

Building Activity Report

It’s here!   As requested, we’ve been working away on the Building Activity Report just for you. Photos are now included and you can export a range of dates to suit your needs. No more Word documents or cutting and pasting! Now you can export the requests you need to see and all information with […]

BuildingLink companion

With the aim to reduce the amount of time staff spend behind the computer, the idea of BuildingLink Companion was brought to life.   For larger buildings and developments, this tool will assist in decreasing time behind the desk, ultimately increasing personal interaction, allowing staff to focus their time on your residents needs. If your […]

Aware! by BuildingLink

Aware! By BuildingLink is a special initiative the BuildingLink Labs team is working on, to make residential buildings intelligent. Aware! By BuildingLink’s Sensor Solutions Kits collect useful information from anywhere in the building. At present, the BuildingLink team are currently testing a kit in the fitness centre of one of New York’s high-end residential buildings. […]

BuildingLink Asia

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new Asia website – In addition to the new website, late last year BuildingLink opened a new office in Singapore. So if you are in Singapore, pop into our new office space and say hello to our team members!

Let’s Talk Privacy

We all know that one EC member that is a self-dubbed guru on IT security and privacy, well now you can keep them happy with the accreditations and industry-leading measures BuildingLink has in place when it comes to the security and privacy of your data!   We take data security and privacy very seriously at […]

Exciting New Enhancements

EMAIL DESIGN TEMPLATES   We’re extremely happy to announce the launch of our email design templates functionality. Strata Managers, Building Managers, Concierge and staff can now use in-built templates or customise their very own building or employee-specific design in outgoing emails to residents.   We will be adding much more in the coming weeks and […]

Barangaroo – Lendlease

Harbour front living at its best.   BuildingLink has partnered with Lendlease to launch Barangaroo’s residential buildings, Anadara and Alexander. Image courtesy of   BuildingLink is used by some of the world’s most prestigious residential buildings including Marina Bay Suites and Trump World Tower, as well as across the portfolio of the W Residences […]

Creating your vertical village

Building a community goes further than bricks and mortar, we aim to build more than just residential buildings. But how do you create the environment for a community? How do you promote its growth to strengthen beyond just a casual “hello” in the lift?   Planning starts from day one. We are now going further […]

Smooth Move

Make move-ins a breeze this holiday season! As a developer, you want your purchasers to settle into their new homes hassle free, especially when you are pressed for time just before the holiday season. Make sure your handover is as seamless and stress free as possible. From inspections to lift bookings, SMS updates & special […]

Preparing for an emergency

Let’s face it – wild storms, false fire alarms and burst pipes, we’ve all experienced at least one of these events. And as much as we try to prevent these things from occurring – accidents do happen! Thankfully we can help you prepare yourself for when the unexpected occurs. Below are some tips and tricks […]

On the go with GEO

Efficiency is time and money. With GEO by BuildingLink, you no longer need to be tied to the desk or run back and forth to the office for information! A much loved (& free!) app for managers, developers, builders and committee members, it’s a game changer. Here are our managers’ favourite features of the GEO […]

7 signs you aren’t ready for the holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching. Are you really prepared for what’s to come?   If you’re still receiving amenity reservation checks or cash by hand and your residents can’t update their contact information themselves, you’re behind time. Here are 7 tell-tale signs that you really aren’t prepared for the holiday season.   You place […]

Too many packages? Too easy

A recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, stated that the ‘biggest landlords in the US are being crushed under a mountain of packages’.*   “Camden Property Trust, the 14th-largest U.S. apartment operator by number of units, stopped accepting parcels at all of its 169 properties nationwide this year. Executives said the Houston-based […]

5 reasons owners love BuildingLink

Keeping owners happy can be a tough gig, but not with BuildingLink   1. Communication made easy Like with every industry, good communication is the key to success. From text messages & phone broadcasts to bulk emails and automatic notifications, BuildingLink allows for seamless communication to the right people at the right time.   2. […]

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    Share a few details about your property and we’ll tailor a demo that shows how our Building & Property Management Software can make your life easier. It really is as simple as that - no payment or commitment needed.

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      Share a few details about your property and we’ll tailor a demo that shows how our Building & Property Management Software can make your life easier. It really is as simple as that - no payment or commitment needed.

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