Manage and Monitor With BuildingLink to Boost Community Security and Convenience

Successful property investment relies on more than well-maintained buildings, attractive common areas, and great amenities. Smart property management is another big factor that gets forgotten about or left ‘til the last minute. The truth is that when you manage and monitor a property well, everyone benefits.

Residents are happier and more engaged in well-managed multi-family buildings. Happy residents lead to healthier communities and healthy communities are great investments. BuildingLink’s core manage and monitor features provide the smart management property investors and communities need.

By keeping track of assets, streamlining common processes and improving communication between residents and management teams, communities work better. This enhances engagement, builds pride and helps to create a community people want to be a part of.

Manage and monitor pre-settlement inspections

Right before final payments are made, pre-settlement inspections need to take place. Typically, agents give buyers just 30 minutes to make sure everything in a property is exactly as specified in their contract. It’s not a lot of time.

When you consider the property may have been lived in or needed final touches by tradespeople after the initial exchange of contracts, it’s hardly any time at all! Ensuring every necessary detail is recorded in one place and inspections can be easily scheduled makes the most of that time so nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

If anything is found to be out of place, BuildingLink’s maintenance module allows residents or management staff to record the defects and immediately get to work on setting things straight.

Monitor and manage, track and trace

Multi-family buildings and communities see a lot of traffic each day – and not all of it is human! Packages, assets and people can all get moved around the complex. It’s important to know who and what are where so nothing gets lost and everyone feels secure.

BuildingLink lets all common assets from washing machines to bicycle slots be recorded and monitored through the asset module. Regular inspections are carried out to the same standard each time and each asset’s location is easily found.

ImageR technology with BuildingLink gets packages processed and delivered to the right location 80% faster. Smart label readers combined with AI technology lets residents see if their delivery has arrived within minutes.

It’s not just packages that need quick processing. Some friends are like family. Residents often want to allow access to apartments even when they’re not in. Guest authorisations such as “permission to enter” or other instructions and permissions for units create a clear record for front desk staff to work from. This enhances security throughout the building and peace of mind for individuals within the community.

Tools that help building staff to manage and monitor assets, people, policies and places enable smarter management practices while saving time. BuildingLink’s core functions for community management streamline processes, heighten security and bring a greater level of convenience to residents. Get in touch for a tailored demonstration that shows how we can improve your community investment.