Manage multiple buildings? We’re about to make your life so much easier

What is the Tiered Community Structure feature?

Listening to the feedback from our Building Managers, BuildingLink International saw that we could offer a huge time-saving benefit by streamlining communication, document storage and amenity usage across multiple sites of the one development.

And we’re pleased to announce that we’ve developed a new Tiered Community Structure feature that addresses and manages all of the above, giving Building Managers back more time, simplifying your workflow and saving you from monotonous repetitive tasks.

Tiered Community Structure Benefits

With the new Primary & Subsidiary functionality, sites which have multiple buildings within the one development can now:

  • Send mass emails to Subsidiary Sites that are connected to a Primary Site. For example, if there are four buildings within the development, the Building Manager can simply send out one email from the Primary Site, and this will be delivered to residents in all four buildings.
  • Send emergency broadcasts from the Primary Site to all of your Subsidiary Sites, with the tap of one button.
  • Upload documents to your Primary library, which can be viewed and accessed from within the Subsidiary Sites’ libraries.
  • Amenities can be shared from the Primary Site across to Subsidiary Sites. This set up allows you to control amenities across the board, implement restrictions through one central site and eliminate the need to approve amenities within each individual Subsidiary Site.

Always searching for new innovations to integrate into our software and make your life easier, we have additional programming underway for the Tiered Community Structure, ensuring that the functionality will continue to evolve and improve.

For more information on the Tiered Community Structure and how you can access this, please get in touch with our BuildingLink team by emailing today.