Marketplace by BuildingLink International | The future of convenient shopping with a local feel

With Amazon launching in Australia last year, joining the likes of online giants eBay and Gumtree, does this mean we will all soon only shop with the click of a button or can we still enjoy a shopping experience where we can touch, feel and try on?  Or what if we could have both?

Some years ago, pre-internet days, shopping locally was the norm.  People would visit the butcher for meat, baker for bread, or Con the Fruiterer for fresh produce (the fruit and vegetable shop for the millennials amongst us).  Back then, shopping was a necessity, something people had to do.  However, shopping is fast becoming more about a pleasant experience, rather than a chore. Except for groceries, that’s not fun.  No really, it’s not.

Today we can buy just about anything we can think of, all without stepping out our front door.  We simply tap a few onscreen buttons and boom – a purchase has been made and delivery is scheduled. While this has added amazing convenience to our lives, are we having as much fun, gaining as much pleasure, getting our social interactive fix with our online spend?  Or do we need to pound the pavement and visit physical stores to stay connected with our community?

Let us introduce you to Marketplace, a nifty little app powered by BuildingLink which offers a new tech-driven and convenient way to shop, while still enhancing community connection.

Marketplace currently gives BuildingLink residents access to a directory of their local retailers, along with their exclusive offers and important information about their services. But this is only the beginning. Through continuous innovation, the BuildingLink International team are working hard to bring a completely new shopping and community experience to our residents.

Imagine having dinner delivered from your favourite restaurant downstairs all at the touch of a button or voice command.  Or ordering those must-have shoes online for pick up instore, getting VIP access to local store pre-sales, and receiving a hamper of your favourite cheese from the friendly deli around the corner.  Powering better social interaction and connection within our neighbourhoods, BuildingLink International envisage a number of new Marketplace releases, just like these, to be available in the near future.

Excited about Marketplace?  Like to learn more?

Please get in touch with us at for the latest updates on Marketplace, including availability for your building community.