On the go with GEO

Efficiency is time and money. With GEO by BuildingLink, you no longer need to be tied to the desk or run back and forth to the office for information! A much loved (& free!) app for managers, developers, builders and committee members, it’s a game changer.
Here are our managers’ favourite features of the GEO app!
  1. Quick look up
    • Need to contact a resident quickly? Call their mobile, send an email, update a unit specific maintenance item and view your residents instructions straight from the app.
  2. Maintenance Items
    • Daily inspections, walk-arounds and defect rectifications become a breeze with GEO. View and add notes, take photos, change the status and keep residents informed during the entire process without being confined to a desk!
  3. Adding & Closing packages
    • Scan the barcode in one easy step and save the package to the resident’s profile. The resident will automatically be notified by SMS or email, then when they come to collect the package, capture their signature, photo and notes via the app, before closing the item.
  4. Shift log
    • Lose the note pad and sticky notes! It’s time to get real about your note-taking. Record any information you may need via the shift log through the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or Android device. When you return to your desk, these notes will appear on the managers’ dashboard. These notes can assist with monthly reporting and by recording what’s happening when it’s happening, you can save the stress of preparing a report at the last minute.


To download GEO by BuildingLink, click here foriPhone and Android.