Preparing for an emergency

Let’s face it – wild storms, false fire alarms and burst pipes, we’ve all experienced at least one of these events. And as much as we try to prevent these things from occurring – accidents do happen! Thankfully we can help you prepare yourself for when the unexpected occurs.

Below are some tips and tricks on how best to prepare yourself before and after an unforeseen circumstance.


1. Pre-record your messages


When the adrenaline is pumping and your stress levels are pushed to the max, it can be difficult to clear your head and string a few sentences together to notify your residents. To alleviate some pressure, pre-record some standard Emergency Broadcast and SMS messages and save them to your list. When the time comes, notify your residents instantly with the click of a button.


2. Set insurance expiration reminders


Set up automatic reminders for your insurance expirations and prevent them from slipping through the cracks. You can also upload your preventative maintenance tasks and set automatic reminders. Being up-to-date and keeping a record of maintenance items can make a world of a difference.


3. Update your custom fields


As an added service, why not record which residents may need assistance in the case of an emergency. Make sure everyone is safe and sound out of harm’s way.


4. Who you gonna call?


You may not always be onsite when an incident occurs. By keeping your contractor and emergency contacts current, you can share this information with additional building staff, strata and relief managers. Because BuildingLink is a cloud-based portal, you can access all the information you need from any location via the Internet or your managers app.


5. Record all occurrences via the incident report


Your Incident Report can save you a lot of headaches. Save all important information in the one place and share it with staff. Record the time, date, location, notes, statements, persons involved, contact information, police report, CCTV footage, photos and documents, everything you need!


6. Ongoing Communication


Keep your residents in the know with ongoing communication. Reduce the stress and mass amounts of phone calls by instantly announcing updates. All SMS and Emergency Broadcasts are at no additional cost, included in your annual subscription. You can send all building stakeholders as many updates as you need to, without having to break the bank!


Emergency Response Stats


In 2012 in the USA, over 90,000 emergency broadcasts messages were sent to residents as Hurricane Sandy approachedIn December 2014 during high winds, over 15,000 emergency broadcast messages were sent to residents in the Melbourne CBDDuring the Rhodes, Sydney power outage in September 2015, over 4,600 SMS & phone broadcasts were sent to residents