The Broadcast

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It’s a feature loved by many, but there are still some building staff and managers hesitant to send a broadcast to the residents in their building.   This feature is without a doubt one of the tools most raved about by residents. They love getting an SMS or phone blast saying their package has arrived […]

Creating your vertical village

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Building a community goes further than bricks and mortar, we aim to build more than just residential buildings. But how do you create the environment for a community? How do you promote its growth to strengthen beyond just a casual “hello” in the lift?   Planning starts from day one. We are now going further […]

Too many packages? Too easy

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A recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, stated that the ‘biggest landlords in the US are being crushed under a mountain of packages’.*   “Camden Property Trust, the 14th-largest U.S. apartment operator by number of units, stopped accepting parcels at all of its 169 properties nationwide this year. Executives said the Houston-based […]

5 reasons owners love BuildingLink

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Keeping owners happy can be a tough gig, but not with BuildingLink   1. Communication made easy Like with every industry, good communication is the key to success. From text messages & phone broadcasts to bulk emails and automatic notifications, BuildingLink allows for seamless communication to the right people at the right time.   2. […]