The Link by BLI: Landing pages customised to give you a sales advantage

Landing pages customised to give you a sales advantage

How does The Link by BLI work?

Each time a building resident wants to log in to the BuildingLink community management system, they are directed to a designated brand-centric landing page. This landing page can be tailored and completely branded for your business.

It’s the perfect platform to collate and display all your projects, strengthen your brand connection, and attract new sales, all in one, easy-to-use location, and can be updated when needed.

Case Study: Enhancing and extending the Pellicano Living brand with The Link by BLI

Searching for a solution to promote their portfolio to current and potential residents, Pellicano Living recently incorporated The Link by BLIcustom landing page for their portfolio.

“BuildingLink was already working for us in terms of day-to-day communications between our residents and property managers, so we were comfortable expanding that into the Pellicano Connect projects page”, says Michael Kent, Development Operations Manager from Pellicano Living.

“Pellicano Connect allows our residents to easily communicate with building management and also view other properties in the Pellicano Living portfolio. We want our residents to be comfortable in the knowledge that should they need or want to move from their current apartment, we can offer other buildings where they’ll receive a consistent, resort-style experience”, Michael adds. 

Offering flexibility and an array of customisable options, The Link by BLI gives companies an elevated platform to promote their properties to their existing residents. “The strong branding and clean layout promotes the luxurious, high-end experience offered by Pellicano Living”, says Michael.

Recently launching a Pellicano Connect branded version of the BuildignLink Resident App, Pellicano are streamlining all communication, fostering community connection and enhancing liveability throughout their portfolio of properties.